Saturday, February 29, 2020

This years last trip to Centro - probably.

Our friend Mark left for Canada today so yesterday we made what is also probably our last trip to Centro. But before I get into that. Look at our hibiscus 
One flower is more yellow the other one a bright orange. 
This was yesterday - this is the pink one. 
Today it bloomed. 
I din't know these plants bloomed. Nice surprise.
So as I said we went towards Centro. Some of the Carnaval arches being removed.
We went up to see if the trolly up to the Observatory was working yet. It wasn't.
So we headed towards La Antigua for breakfast. Bill had the car valet parked and in we went. Got to sit in the patio this time. One of the decorations in the patio.
The pretty little fountain with its frogs. 
Ordered our crepes for breakfast. Mark and I had the crepe with cream cheese, carmal sauce, bananas and whipped cream. 
Bill had scrambled eggs, ham and gouda cheese - He also got one of the banana ones.
Some more of the patio decorations. 
The beautiful tile and wood fireplace in the main dining room. 
Picked up the car and headed to parking lot in Centro. Noticed this interest decor at a restaurant in Olas Alta. 
Several of the streets are still closed off with Carnaval facilities. So he took Angel Flores to get downtown. 
He stopped so Mark and I could get out of the car and take a picture of the famous and colorful homes.
Aren't these pretty. On the side of the corner house. 
The street bordering the Central Market looks so strange without the vendor carts on them. 
Cause we were there we got a few vegetables there instead of going to a supermarket. 
The vendor carts are only block over in all directions. 
Didn't plan on this, Bill is heading to the wonderful bakery. No cinnamon rolls though, they were in the oven.
Well they have torn up more roads around here. We were at the Gran Plaza Mall putting data on the Telcel MiFi for when  we start home. So we ended up on the detour trying to get home.The orange area. I probably wouldn't have been too bad but the top of the orange line goes right past two schools and all the Mommies were trying to get their cars there to pick up the children.What a mess! EVERY car was going a different direction on a narrow two lane road. Once we were on the yellow part it wasn't too bad. North and South bound traffic on the north bound lanes. Glad we are leaving soon. And hope it is done before we get back here in the fall.

The southbound lanes are torn up the whole distance of the yellow line.
Only good thing was we finally went right by this building so I got a few good pictures of it. 
From the back to the front of the building. 
All sorts of things in the mural. Amazing mind to work it out. 

Made it home the rest of the way with no problems. Last night we went out to dinner with Mark, to wish him good trip home.We will be on the road in five days. We will stay busy until then. 
Well there are now a couple of cases of coronavirus here in Mexico but not in Mazatlan. People who had been traveling. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Why are you heading home so early? Or,am I not paying attention and this is when you usually leave.

Carol and Bill said...

we should stay until the 19th, but realized we have doc appts April 1st. And we are thinking about going to El Fuerte and Huatabampito. so need to get going. We usually leave 2nd or 3rd week in March.

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