Sunday, March 1, 2020

The new restaurant and hotel in La Noria

We went to La Noria to see the potter but ended up touring the new restaurant and hotel. We've been watching them build it since last winter. In fact we ate breakfast there. Very good and economical. Roberto's leather shop is the section on the right side of the bottom floor. 
 Looking into the patio of the restaurant. Because of all the red umbrellas the pictures have a weird red tint to them. 
 The benches along the entrance wall. The wood used is amazing.
 Just liked this decoration. Made of pieces of wood. 
 There is a special area for children to sit and play. This wall hanging is by the children's table. 
 The smaller sized tables and chairs for the children. They give them coloring paper and crayons to keep them busy. 
 Part of the main floor. Lots of Pecked Paper - the colorful hangings. Lots of red umbrellas to shade the tables. 
 There are cacti lining one wall and a water well. 
A section of the restaurant has a barrell for making tortillas. The wood goes into the opening and the tortillas are cooked on top. 
 Also a bbq grill. A lot of the walls of the building are from the original structure built almost 200 years ago. This section of the place used to be the towns meat market - obviously it has moved. 
 The stairs leading up some of the hotel rooms, and the hotel desk and lounge. Also more tables for busy times. All the wood is amazing. And burlap is fringed to add even more interest. 
Tiles set into the stairs. Lots of terracotta roof tiles used in the walls.  

Looking back while going up the stairs. Tiles, bricks, wood and burlap. 
 One of the bedrooms. Two queen sized beds, TV, air conditioning and "slow" WiFi - our guides words not mine.  The hotel part won't be open for another week or two as some of the furniture is on order. 
 This particular room has the original buildings brick walls. Around 200 years old. The furniture they are waiting for will go in this area. 
 Closer look at the bricks. 
 The bathroom. Bigger than it looks. 

Looking down onto the restaurant. 
 Continuing up more stairs to the hotel's lobby and lounge area.
 Looking down on the town. Johnny's leather shop is in the pink building. The whole pink building is interesting. It contains two different leather shops. And in the back are old soldier barracks from on of the invading armies. 
 The lounge area. They will eventually be able to serve beer but are waiting for their permits. At the side of the picture is our guide. His father built this. His father was born in La Noria and the restaurant and hotel were his dream. Now come true. 
Interesting ceiling. Old style but new construction. 
  Looking out towards the town plaza. On Sundays there is a Tiangas there. With local food and crafts. And music.
 Up stairs in the bar area is a neat wash bucket sink.
 The bedrooms are named.  
Our young guide took us into his families original home which is part of the lower building.
Notice the original hand hewn beams. 
 A beautiful table in their main room. The wood is from an Ampana tree. 
There used to be a little door here - many years ago. 
Outside on the pourch the original roof and beams. 
The menu - hard to see because of the red reflection from umbrellas. We had omelets - very good. 
They have excellent Cafe de Olla.  

Sorry forgot to take a picture of the food, next time. I hope people come to support this lovely restaurant and hotel. And explore the little town. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Totally cool. Looking forward to going there!!

Carol and Bill said...

Neat place to visit