Thursday, March 5, 2020

Mazatlan to Los Mochis

One day down on our way home. This beautiful flower was blooming when we got up this morning. Nice way to start a day. 
 All buttoned up and ready to go. Before we left this morning we made one last trip across the street to have breakfast at Torres. 
 We left the RV park and stopped to get gasoline right up the road. Left the gas station at 10:30. Got to Los Mochis at 3:30 - 242 miles. 
Saw these ten tanker trucks of gasoline being escorted by the marines. Funny thing is later in the trip we saw two gasoline tankers pulled over surrounded by the Federal Police - guns out, guys in handcuffs. Oh my - guess they were stealing gasoline. 
 Kind of a mixed bag of road surfaces and toll booths. The worst road was from Mazatlan to about half way to Culiacan. Then good road to the Culiacan cut off. Then more bad road for about 50 miles. Not real bad, just rough. Some had been repaved and some were brand new. 
 What is with this? I guess to wake up sleepy drivers. No other reason, unless the owner of the bump factory's wife needed a new car. 
 In places the fixing was worse then the potholes. Instead of bumping down you bumped UP.
 Lots of yellow trees blooming in the hills. 
 And lots of fires burning along the highway. 
As for the toll booths - mixed bag. The first one north of Mazatlan - no toll, just donations. The next one, donation. The next two, near Culiacan were collecting tolls.  One was 91 pesos the other 216 pesos. The next toll around Culican had a LOT of men standing on both sides of the toll booths and I thought Oh oh!  As we neared them they motioned us to keep moving. I gave Bill a 20 peso note to give them and they refused to take it. Told us it is FREE. The last toll before Los Mochis was open 68 pesos. 
But we did get caught for 100 pesos at the agriculture check point where they say they are going to spray you for bugs. 100 Pesos for the spray. Bill said not to spray our vehicles because of the paint. Still 100 pesos to not spray. All nice and official with a receipt and everything. Thinking about it I don't remember seeing any spray equipment. Oh well. 
Put gas in again as we pulled into the Smart Gas just before Los Mochis. 50 pesos to guard to spend night. We like to stay right up against the front fence right in front of the guard. 
Using our Telcel MiFi to do this, working good. Settled in and then went to the Elba restaurant to have chicken millensea for dinner. Have enough left over for a couple of more meals. Still haven't decided about where to go tomorrow. 
Overall a good day. Not too hot and most of highway was good. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Where did the time go?

Carol and Bill said...

This is about the shortest time we spent there. Got there late and left early.

...Vello said...

We did get the spray for our 100 pesos - by driving under a skinny pipe archway that spattered the rig, including the winshield and mirrors, making it hard to see. I don't know what bugs they were after but it sure didn't faze the little ants that appear on our counter from time to time.