Wednesday, March 11, 2020

More fishing in Yavaros

Just some added information. We've been visiting Yavaros for about 12 years off and on. And I've done several blogs on it. We were here last in 2018 and here is the blog I wrote then.  I am referring you  to it because it is about when the government decided to build an area for the small boats to dock. There are pictures of how it was going to look. The following pictures are how it looks today. Also on that blog are links to the blogs I wrote when the harbor was being cleaned out and of all the large fishing boats used to doc there. Been a lot of changes over the years. One of the restaurants along where the little boats dock on this side of town. 
Selling clams? Oysters? not sure. But they are in shells. 
Here they are cleaning fish for the population to buy.
More people cleaning sea food. 
This whole area used to be mud flats like this and the boats were sitting in the mud most of the time they were not being used. 
Discussing their husbands? Children? The neighbors?
Playing in his yard. 
A picture of the boats that are now tied to a dock instead of sitting in the mud. 
The trees were full of the white birds. Here they call them Garzas
And a flock of white pelicans. Only other place I've seen the white pelicans was in Lake Chapala. 
Waiting for someone to throw them bits and pieces of fish. 
They are cleaning fish. Cutting out the head and bones and skin. Fillets of fish.  
The parts they don't keep 
The fish before cleaning. They are about six to eight inches long. 
See the stack of fillets on the table. On the right side of the table. 
He is checking his net for tears, 
Some more of the white pelicans 
A big old brown one sitting on a boat. 
Watching the time go by. 
A beautiful flowering bush.
As we were leaving Yavaros we passed this pre school with a colorful fence. 
I wonder how many changes will be made before we get back here again. 
The sun came out for a while today and the sky was clear and blue, but now it is gone the sky is heavy with gray clouds and there is an almost cold breeze coming from the north. 


SandyM said...

Wonderful pictures. The white Pelicans are just beautiful with their yellow beaks - thank you for sharing these photos. I had read there was a flock of white Pelicans on Lake Chalapa but never got the chance to see them when we stayed in Ajijic.

Carol and Bill said...

Lots of different birds here.