Sunday, March 8, 2020


And another day has passed. We are still in Huatabampito not sure when we'll leave. Here is a map of our trip to here.
And here is another map of where we went yesterday. We always like to go to Yavaros a little fishing village not far from the RV Park. We are the blue dot, Yavaros is the red dot. 
We were there Saturday which is their market day. Lots of things for sale and lots of traffic vehicular and foot 
His speakers were blaring about how good his potatoes were and every one should buy some. We didn't need quite that many. 
This pickup is full of wood for sale. Wood is hard to come by in this area,
Lots and lots of tables of clothes for sale.
Stood and watched this cable repair man for a bit. How does he know what wire he needs?
Bill had a following as he was giving out suckers. 
A table with cosmetics, hair clips, scarfs etc. 
A lot more clothes. 
He was selling some plants. Large palm and tiny flowers. 
Rolling pins and cutting boards for sale. I should have bought a rolling pin, I don't think I have one any more. Most of these vendors were set up in the small plaza.
Then some were set up outside of businesses others in front of their homes.
Some one was selling these half watermelons. Didn't see where though. 

This truck had some produce for sale. 
He didn't care about what was for sale, he was just enjoying himself. 
After driving up the main street we headed out towards the harbor. 
Will do a blog about the harbor tomorrow. Trying to get this done while the internet is working. 
Today we watched off and on the race, went into town for more tortillas and Bill played with his drone. Weather is still cool and the skies gray and cloudy. Every once in a while some sprinkles. But the beach was very busy. Even a Volkswagon Rally going on. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Have I mentioned how much I love your posts...well I do!😊

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you so much. Have you been to Huatabampito?