Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Got a few things done today

The weather is warming up here in Vegas. Actually have the doors open today. That means we'll have to bring the RV over here pretty soon and clean it. Ugh.
So what is going on here? Well we got out of the house this morning for a bit. Had to go to the pharmacy to pick up our prescriptions. In fact we had to go to two different places. One of my prescriptions got switched to another CVS because when we were ready to leave last fall our regular CVS didn't have it in stock so they switched it to another CVS that had it. Well I'd forgotten that so when I went to order it they told me I had to order it at the other pharmacy OR "call my doctor" [big laugh] and get a new prescription. One that cannot be done over the phone of course. So went there and paid the whole $1.56 for it. Got home and discovered it was only for 30 days instead of 90. @#$% We had asked if they could be delivered but because one was a "controlled substance" - sleeping pill - we had to go pick it up. Luckily they had a drive through. So that is done for three months.
Also had to call the place where all our mail goes during the winter and see if they would mail it to us instead of us having to drive 18 miles across town to pick it up. No problem - 30 minutes later I got an email saying it was in the U.S. mail. Got a tracking number. Would have cost more in gas then it did to mail. 
Then we were waiting for our grocery delivery from Smith's market. Had never used their on line shopping or delivery service. So wondered how it would work. Our delivery time was between 1 - 2 in the afternoon. About 10 to 1:00 I got a text that Andrea was gathering up our groceries. Good. Then I got another text that the table paper napkins I'd ordered were not available so they were deducted from the balance. Got about 8 texts that specific items were not available. Then got a text they would be at our house in about 20 minutes. And sure enough they were. The girl that picked them out delivered them. Very nice young lady. She substituted a couple items for like items - vegetable oil for corn oil. Great. Will for sure use that service again. The groceries arrived about 20 after 2:00. I hate to say it but, "What would we do without cell phones and internet." Me who has always hated to order anything on line. Especially these days. 
We got lots of Pasta Roni - which has not been available any place else we've shopped. Also got Haagen Dazs ice cream and it was still frozen. One thing that surprised me we didn't get was the cleaning solution for my Swifter Wet Jet. 
Tomorrow I'm going to check into Walmart's delivery as I want a couple things that are not groceries. But have to c heck early in the morning to get a delivery date. 
Do you find yourself counting the squares of TP now? Sorry...
I am working and I mean working on another puzzle - another Kincaid but 750 pieces and it is only four different colors! Well it seems that way 
 Got the easy done.
So until tomorrow - musings from captives # 234432 and #456654.


Kathy Tycho said...

Ha,ha. -5C here but sunny. Finally got caught up on our sleep and thinking about doing some tasks I never have time for as I'm usually on the beach in Mazatlan at this time of year..boohoo!😎

Carol and Bill said...

Now that sounds cold. I've already run out of make do chores. Need to set up my sewing machine and make something.