Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Changes, changes, changes

Spent half of the morning on the phone changing doctor's appointments. No way we want to sit in a waiting room with a bunch of sick people. They had already as much as cancelled them any way. So now go end of July. Maybe. So got that done. 
Called the bank to see if we could exchange our Pesos for dollars. No problem but has to be done through the drive up window. I am guessing there will be a long line for that. 
Also will hopefully be picking up our groceries at Walmart this afternoon between 4 and 5 o'clock. Wonder if we'll get everything we ordered and if there will be weird substitutions. 
Also finally got a hold of someone in the office of the community we live in to see if we had any problems with the last inspection. Yep we do. Need to replace a trim board and paint the skirting under it, and have to replace a vent cover - see picture below! Replace it? Just bend it up and glue it - replace it for one little slat...
The skirting is about 4 inches wide. Needs to be fixed and painted. 
The manager said not to worry about it they have suspended inspection repairs until later in the year. 
About our Walmart grocery pick up. Our pick up hours were between 4 -5. At about 15 to 4 I got an email telling me my order was ready. So we jumped in the car and headed over. On the way there I was downloading their app to the phone so I could tell them we were on our way. Followed the orange signs to the big orange covered parking area. In less than 5 minutes the groceries were being loaded in the trunk. Got here a little after 4 - like 4:05
 Trunk up waiting. 
 Another persons order heading towards their car. 
 Parking area.
By 4:12 we were pulling out of parking lot. Home by 4:25. I ordered 25 items. 3 items were out of stock and no substitutions - nothing important. 4 items I got substitutes - I could accept them or refuse. Three were just about the same, different brand. One was an upgrade for same price. Accepted all four. 
Produce was in good shape. Frozen food all still frozen. All in all a great experience. Will do it again next week. Now that I've figured out what to do and what to expect. 
I remembered I had bought two multi packs of jigsaw puzzles before we left for Mexico - so I am set for a while 
 Should keep me busy. 
In the near future [when I have nothing else to write about] I am going to write a probably two piece blog on Tico the potter from La Noria. Got lots of pictures and a couple of videos. 


norm said...

Las Vegas must seem strange with Casinos closed, a lot of planned trips canceled I am sure.

Carol and Bill said...

we plan on taking a drive downtown and to the strip in a week or so. got to be really weird at night. a lot of people from hotels not working.

Doug and Nancy said...

It does feel good to get home, doesn't it? Things are strange here too. Hardly anyone out on the streets. We are on Day 7 of 14 day self-hibernation. Doug has been set up to work from home but I am not. He is busy everyday, pretty much all day long. We can't even see our kids nor my Mom, here in town. Everyone is staying away from everyone. That's how it should be for now.

Hugs and STAY WELL!!!!!