Sunday, March 29, 2020

Day whatever of staying home

Looked out the window this morning and saw that we had company. First ones I've seen since we've been home. They are so cute, as long as they don't eat our flowers.
We got this t-shirt one of the times we were in La Noria. Today was the first time I've worn  it. It turned into quite a project to get it on. Put my arms in and out through the arm holes and pulled it down. head was still inside the shirt. Yanked again - what the heck - I do know how to dress myself - don't I?  Yanked and pulled some more. Have I gotten that old? Felt around with my hands and found neck hole on outside of the shirt. Well I know my head is supposed to go through there. Yank again - ah - making progress. Slowly my head emerged into the light. Thank goodness I can still dress myself. So what was the problem. Well when they made the shirt and heat pressed on the logo - the glue went through the front and glued it to the back. So I could get my head as far as Mi Peublo Querido and no further. Big sigh of relief.
 At 10:00 our time today there was NASCAR racing on our local Fox network. A picture I took from the TV. They were racing at Texas.
Except they really weren't - they were racing from home. Yep IRacing on TV. Better than nothing and it sure looks real. This is Timmy Hill he eventually won the race. The big name NASCAR cut drivers didn't do too well. Need to practice I guess.
Started another puzzle [finished it too] One of eight of the Thomas Kincaid puzzles. The round ones are fun.
 Had another Hello Fresh meal this is their picture of it.
This is what mine looked like. Baked brussels [didn't realize until just now brussels is plural] sprouts , garlic bread and chicken with thyme and balsamic vinegar sauce. Very good.My brussel sprouts got a little brown, well okay, almost burned, but just the outer leaves and the bread didn't get golden but was good none the less. Everything tasted good and we both enjoyed the meal. One more meal left for tomorrow.
We had a cloudy day today and late afternoon it started to rain out over the desert. Looking from our back yard. Tomorrow it is supposed to start warming up to the 80's.
Need to add a few things to my Smith's grocery order, it should be delivered Tuesday afternoon. Wonder how it will go.

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