Monday, March 2, 2020

It is that time of year already.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a lazy day. Watched El Classico, the big soccer match in the morning. Our favorite team Barcelona lost. Then I watched the NASCAR race. The #18 car was not very good, but the driver managed to get it to 2nd by the end of the race. His year has not started out very good. Hope it gets better,
Some weird clouds in the sky yesterday. Looked like they were probably contrails that the wind was blowing around. 

The weather here continues on the cool side, still not reaching the 80's and very cool at night. 
As I said it is quickly approaching time to leave here, in fact we leave Mazatlan on Thursday.
Don't know whether we will go home i.e., the states, fast or stop at a few small towns here in Mexico on the way. Kind of looking forward to being in the house again. 
This morning we dropped off our laundry. I get used to that service and ill miss it when we get home. 
Then we went to a couple of groceries stores to pick up some things that aren't available in the stores at home. One thing we got was shelf stable 8oz cartons of whole milk - the Lala box. Also saltines that are packed three crackers to a serving. They stay crisp a long time. Then we went to Sam's Club and got Saffron, much cheaper here then US. Also got a few things we will use as we travel and a couple of things we needed Spent 142 USD. And notice we remembered our grocery bags. 
Have to go to the big mall later to pick up some stickers Bill had made. So that means we will be fighting all the construction and detours.
Here is a rather long video of just one part of the detour. Actually it wasn't the approved detour - it is just the way we went...

It is worth watching full screen  Click Here to do so. 
And here was tonight's beautiful sunset. No words needed. 

Tomorrow we go to La Noria again. Hopefully to get my pig made by Tico. 

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