Saturday, March 14, 2020

A Sunday in the life of Huatabampo

Most of these pictures were taken last Sunday when we went into town to the grocery store. This is a view of the main four corners going through town. 
It is a busy little town. 
These guys were roaming around town. They show up during Lent. Dancing, beating on their drums. They are Yaqui Indians and it has something to do with driving off evil spirits. I think...

The Ley Grocery store. Have pretty much what ever you need. Shelves are full here. Today, we decided to be safe and picked up some toilet paper and paper towels. We have none at home and not a whole lot in RV as we usually restock when we get home. Also got some hand sanitizer, alcohol and aloe vera gel. AND THE LADY BEHIND US SNEEZED!!! OMG OMG   Just kidding. 
This was some kind of milk with balloon animals attached to the jars. 
The Catholic Church.
The walls around the schools have messages on them. This is the symptoms of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika. Chikungunya is really nasty a couple of our friends have had it. All from mosquito bites.
A quote from Albert Einstein. 
Love this stand. He sells cocos with viagra...

Taking the shell off the coconut with a machete. 
Still using horse and buggies around here. 
Saw the bakery sign so Bill stopped to see what they had. 
Sorry about the dirty window. The bakery good are in the glass container. Bill bought some rolls, said they were pretty good. 
While he was buying rolls I was watching the guy wash his bus. 
On the weekends there are food stands set up all along the highway. Selling everything edible. 
This is a permanent seafood restaurant. 
On his way somewhere with his cotton candy and other snacks.
There was a Volkswagen Rally on the beach just up from us, so we went over to check it out. 
There were quite a few of them there. Even old busses and trucks. 
Well now we know where he was going. 
Oops - didn't realize the sand was so deep and soft here. Stuck good. 
Good to have a couple of big strong young men around when you need them. 
And here we are at home from our adventure. 
We will be here a couple of more days so I'll continue to show you around town. 
Had a pretty sunset last night. Need to sort out the pictures. We will be leaving here Monday a.m. and probably crossing border on Tuesday afternoon. The plan now any way. 


Kathy Tycho said...

So nice to read something "normal" and not panicky! Enjoy.

Carol and Bill said...

Well at least till we get over the border.

SandyM said...

There is a big VW parade with VW's displayed in the Plaza in Guayabitos March 21 and 22. How some of them are customized is amazing and the painting equally amazing. Enjoy your photos - thanks for sharing.