Saturday, March 7, 2020

Huatabampito Bill and the seagulls.

Don't know how many days we might stay here. Mostly depends on the wind. If it really picks up and the sand starts blowing we will be gone. The weather is not as nice as usual - a cloudy few days forecast. One report even said rain on Sunday. Guess we are getting lower half of what is going through Southern California and Nevada.  
It was cloudy when we got here and near sundown it got darn right chilly. I even had a sweatshirt on!
Here is our site. There are two other RVs here in the park. Lots of sand. The stone wall right in front of us separates us from the beach.
 I took this leaning up against the front of the RV. 
 Looking north along the beach 
 Looking south. Some locals on the beach with their car. You can drive forever along the beach both directions. 
As soon as we were parked we had to go into town to the Ley's grocery store to buy tortillas for the seagulls.
The people on the beach were taking pictures with the birds in the background.  

Took this this morning at 6:15 - he is the scout waiting for Bill to come out with the tortillas. As soon a Bill opens the door all the rest show up. 
There was no sunset last night because of the heavy clouds, so have to settle for this little bit of color sunrise. 
 It is going to continue to be pretty cloudy. Even had a few drops of rain last night. 
Heading into town to go to grocery store yesterday. I wonder how they can see out to drive. Yavaros is a small fishing town near here.
 A place kids and older men hang out all the time.
 WOW- beautiful
 In town. This building is new since we were here last. Looks like  it sells all types of ice cream items.
 Driving through town.

 New too - makes my mouth water, Think I want a pizza.
 In the Ley's Supermercado. Selling different designed bags for groceries. No we forgot ours in the car again.
Bill buying his tortillas. She thinks he is crazy. Wanted to know if he had a business. Nope. Did he REALLY want six kilos??? Yep. Okay.
He is already out of tortillas. He caught one in flight. 
We drove over to Yavaros to see what has changed. Took lots of pictures. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Cloudy here too. Always love following you. Do only Mexican seagulls like tortillas😁?

Carol and Bill said...

I know the ones in California like tarter sauce, paper cup and all. They used to steal it off the table in the marina all the time.

SandyM said...

That is a lot of tortillas! Sad I have not been able to comment on your posts to let you know how much I have enjoyed them and all the photos. Don't even know if this will go through but I keep trying. Traveling mercies all the way home.

SandyM said...

WOW! It posted!!!

Carol and Bill said...

Maybe this setting will work for comments hope so. Glad you tried it. Missed hearing from you.

Anonymous said...