Saturday, March 28, 2020

Another day in the life of a captive

We are getting two meals a day now. Bill cooked breakfast and I cooked dinner. So much for getting rid of the 10 pounds I gained over the winter.  
I wish I could sleep later in the morning. Wake up around 5:30 but try and snooze until at least 6:30. Even going to bed at midnight doesn't help. It just makes the days so long...
Yesterday I drug out the vacuum cleaner and vacd the whole house. Also dusted all the knickknack shelves. Amazing what you'll do when you are bored. I haven't opened up my sewing machine yet but thinking about how to make my curtains with the materiel I bought in Mexico, for that room. 
Also worked on ordering refills of prescriptions. Some need to be ordered so can't get them until next week. 
Our Dish remote developed a mind of its own - had to call them. Felt kind of silly as it was my fault it wasn't working right. I had accidentally pushed the wrong button. Felt really stupid. But if it ever happens again I know how to fix it. 
Going to the bank the other day we passed one of the many closed casinos. 

the missing words are open - back and soon. 
We got our Hello Fresh delivery. Two chicken dishes and one pork. The pictures of how they should look when finished. 
The back of the card has the directions. Including what you need that isn't included  pots, pans, salt, pepper and oil. Step by step. 
Been working on this puzzle for a few days. Finally finished it this morning. I get real serious when working on one. Didn't even realize Bill took this picture. I'm actually happier then I look here. 
So cooked the pork dish last night. the instructions and the ingredients. 
Here is how it should look.   Took about 25 minutes from getting out of refrigerator to sitting down and eating. 
This is how it looked. Turned out very tasty. No left overs but both of us were full. 
This morning it was bright and clear out over the desert. Supposed to maybe rain this evening. Still pretty cool - for Vegas - out. In the 60's.

Still no baby chickens. 
Of the five new houses and one older home that were for sale all of them now have owners.  People are just moving into the one on the right today. 
Well now we are going to try grocery delivery from Smith's. Put in the order today, cannot get it delivered until afternoon on Tuesday the 31st. And they charge 9:95 for delivery and add a 3 dollar tip to bill. Be interesting to see how it works. Supposedly they have a few things that Walmart doesn't.
Another day has almost passed. I'm watching DVD episodes of The Closure. Forgot how funny it was. 


Kathy Tycho said...

We are home. I did short posts on Facebook which I think you can see. I'm working on the blog but it will be hard to post on cell data.

Carl said...

Hello Carol, Glad to see you and Bill made it home O.K.. Thanks for taking the time to do all the blogs and all the travelling information you gave out. How was Las Jaibas this year ? nice and quiet?

I tried to comment before but Safari wasn't working so I had to use google chrome. Finally figured it out.

Don't know if you heard but Cerritos rv park was partially burned down a couple days ago. don't know whats gonna happen there. Maybe Daniel will sell it out or the city of Mazatlan will say no more palapas. main thing is no one was hurt. Some people lost everything . Very Sad..

Want to come back to Las Jaibas in October but the way things are going with the virus , who knows. Anyways .. you two take care and have a good summer.

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - glad you made it home okay, hope you had someone who could get you stocked up on groceries and/or bought TP and paper towels in Mexico. What a mess. I'm glad we had such a good winter.

Carl - Yep we've been home two weeks tomorrow. And I do mean home. In the house. Las Jaibas was wonderful this year. All construction done. And the park looked better than it has in years. Read about Cerritos - glad everyone got out okay. Those palapas were a fire waiting to happen. We too, hope to return to Mexico in the fall...time will tell if we do or not.