Friday, March 27, 2020

Winter in Mexico

This past winter in Mexico was one of the best winters we have had there. And to think that when we left last year we said,"Never going to Mexico again!" But then we decided we didn't want last years dust, dirt, noise, and surgery to be our memories of Mexico. So we went back. No one got sick, not even a cold. Except for a few hammer bangs no construction noise or dirt. The weather was mostly perfect - cool nights and days around high 70 low 80's. Except for the one rain storm where I thought we'd float away. 

The water is risin' Mama and it got deeper then this!
Alien being turning off electricity.
And that's when we discovered one of our leak proof windows let in more water than the shower put out. That got fixed and no longer leaks.
We had both the RV and Jeep repainted. So they are really spiffy looking now. A matched pair. 

Both with their bankies covering the hood murals. So handsome now. 
Also some much needed repair work on the Jeep. We now have AC and no more clunks when driving. 
Pablo mechanic and his helper working on AC.
We had great friends to spend time with. Great places to visit and found several new restaurants and an amazing bakery. 
The reason I gained 10 pounds over the winter.

The bakery where the rolls are made in Centro
Met some new wonderful people. And spent time with several of our Mazatlan friends. 
Friend Roberto and his family checking out the Jeep as he had just bought on himself. 
For the most part our Dish Anywhere TV system worked. Got our Internet set up the first week we were there and it worked great until the last day we were there when it started acting up. Good timing.
As always there were amazing sunrises 
and sunsets. 
We were in Huatabampito when the Virus was taking hold and people north of the border were going crazy. So we bought paper goods and sanitizer there. Good thing, haven't found any yet in  the US.
The roads down and back for the most part were good. Just a couple of places still need work. The two new bypasses are great. And even spent less on tolls due to booths not collecting money. 
Got our deposit on the Jeep back within four days after leaving Mexico. 
We were gone 139 days door to door. Put 2522 miles on the RV and another 2300 on the Jeep. Yep, we do a lot of running around.  Our biggest expense - not counting work on vehicles, was eating out. 
Fat Fish Ribs the first night in Mazatlan 
Delicious Puntas de Res
We love to eat out. Groceries next biggest. I take that back campgrounds were the biggest expense. Las Jaibas was about USD 15 a day. And we were there 105 days. Bill went to the dentist there and got some teeth fixed for the price of just a visit to a dentist here in the US. 
Fuel for both vehicles totaled USD 1776. All in all with everything except work on vehicles included we averaged $78 a day.
We were out and about almost every day. Love the Carnaval Puppets this year - found all but one of them. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Great pictures Carol. We are so glad you ad a wonderful year, especially after last year's fiasco!!

Take care and stay healthy!!

SandyM said...

Nice photos of your Winter in Mexico. Like the one of Bill admiring his plate of ribs and of course of the sunrise and sunset and all the picture in between.

Carol and Bill said...

Nancy, Sandy thank you for your comments always appreciate knowing people are still taking the time to read my ramblings as this strange way of life goes on.

Mark said...

Yes I think you 2 had a great time in Mazatlan this winter. And I was lucky enough to be able to share some great memories with you 2. Oh you had too show the cinnamon buns and the ribs, Mmmmmmm miss them both. The look on Bill's face while looking at the ribs is priceless.

Carol and Bill said...

I miss the cinnamon buns too

SamIAm said...

Glad it was a good winter. We, too, enjoyed our least Part 1. Since getting back, we have been launched into winter Part 2 AND IT INVOLVES SNOW! And apparently will continue to do so for several weeks!