Friday, March 20, 2020

8655 Pictures This Year.

Hello from Quartzsite. We did 283 miles today from Amado to here. Stopped once for gasoline at the new Pilot on the I-8 about 30 miles before/east of Quartzsite. $2.55 a gallon. Up 22 cents from southern Arizona. Took us 5 1/2 hours including stopping for gas. 
 Our campsite in Amado. All the time we were there it was kind of gray and cloudy. With Wednesday raining quite a bit of the day. And cold even for me. I wore a sweatshirt and long pants yesterday. 
 Leaving this morning. A bright blue sky, but temps down in the low 50s.
 Traffic was about usual, maybe a less then normal going through Tucson. They have some of the nicest overpasses. Managed to get pictures of some of them. 

For the first time ever going this way for years we did not stop at the Denny's at the Flying J in Eloy. Don't know if it was open or not. 
So soon we were on the I-8 heading west. Love the scenery in Arizona.  
 The roads were really good all the way. But just as you enter Maricopa County - They had a big sign up saying Maricopa County. The road went from very smooth pavement to this. It did not ride as bad as it looks. In fact hardly felt the patching. But I think if I lived in that county I'd want to take the sign down instead of bragging about it. 
 Just more scenery. So nice to have blue skies with puffy white clouds and no wind. 
 The yellow flower bushes lined both sides of the highway for almost the whole trip. Beautiful. Just make you feel good and want to smile and forget all the craziness going on. 
 So here we are in Shady Lane RV in Quartzsite. For some reason neither Bill nor I can get our WiFi to work with the parks set up so am using our Verizon Jetpack, which is probably faster anyway. $22.58 a night. Good electricity and water, pull throughs and level. We usually stay here. Today they met us outside of the office, handed me paper to fill out and took the money - cash only. Did not get close. We con't plan on going any where. Just hunkering down inside. 
 I had no intention of taking the picture of our RV when I went outside But just as I was getting ready to take the picture below the owner came outside. And I thought our paint job was weird. Can you imagine the optics when it is rolling down the road passing you. 

Speaking of pictures, since we pulled out from the front of our home in November till today I've taken 8655 photos and videos. Aren't you glad I didn't share all of them.  Well that also included all the bad or out of focus ones too. Those I have deleted from my storage. 
Tomorrow we'll be home. Usually look forward to things returning to normal. Guess we won't have that this year. No idea how things will go. We will have to make a grocery run in a day or two. Need some basics that we used up over the winter. Hopefully we'll get lucky. 
Now that we have regular satellite TV I don't want to watch it. At least at home we'll be able to get On Demand channels and will have the DVR movies. Might even try Netflix again, didn't give it a fair trial last time. To lazy to get to figure it out. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Glad to hear you're fine and almost home. We're in Nogales, Az and heading to Yuma tomorrow. Still a long way to go. At least you've made a bit of a holiday of your trek home.

Carol and Bill said...

We enjoyed our self isolation on the beach for 10 days.
Take care and drive safely. I am always happy when we get out of Mexico with the vehicles.

Jackie McGuinness said...

I am also sick of the news!
We are not having much issue with getting groceries.

Soooo glad we got Netflixs in December. Have watched so many good series.
Right now we are working our way through Money Heist, based on the Madrid heist of the Royal Mint. Absolutely fantastic. Made in Spanish with English voice overs. So good!

Doug and Nancy said...

Well, glad you are back home, nearly. We are home now in in self-isolation (hibernation I like to call it) for 14 days from our 10 day vacation. It does suck for sure. Our kids are 5 minutes away and we can't see them. They got us stocked up with supplies. Doug will have his work computer delivered to the closed front door and he will set himself up. Me, I'm going on E.I. for "self-quarantine"reasons. Our gov't has waived any wait time so for the first time since our daughter was born in 1982, I will "take" from our gov't. What a mess this all is but we are glad to be back home in Canada. I am sure all travelers are glad to be home, where ever that is. Are you guys under a quarantine requirement? Stay well. Try not to kill each other if you get stuck in the house for 2 weeks!!!

Suz said...

Do you realize that the number of pictures you took would be around $4,000+ if you were still using film. Love from retired photographer Suzanne.

Carol and Bill said...

Suz - I thought I'd answered these - but guess the gremlins ate my post. If we still used film my pictures would probably be only 139 - one for each day we were gone. Can you imagine what the cost would be. Thank goodness for digital.
Nancy - glad you are home too. Stay well. No we are not under and self quarantine. we just figure it is a good idea to stay away from others. But I do need BREAD - don't even have an yeast to make my own. We've been pretty close in the RV for 4 months, at least here we can go to different rooms.