Tuesday, March 10, 2020

More from the fishing village of Yavaros

What a surprise to see a face we know on TV in Vegas. Our youngest son.
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But back to us here in Huatabampito - can't help it I love that name - Or I guess I should say Yavaros as that is what this blog is about. The first time we came here it was a thriving fishing town. Lots and lots of big commercial type fishing boats.
Every little and big town in Mexico now have their name in big colorful letters some where in town. This is down by the fishing port. See the big boat in the background. 
We left the main street and drove out to where the big fishing boats dock. We were surprised there were no boats along the dock. Just this man fishing with a line and a hook.
The entire dock used to have boats along it. And they were moored three deep.
Now there are only a few left and not sure if they are sea worthy.
So sad to see this. Especially after all the work to clean the sunken ships out of the harbor. I've written about watching them clear the harbor a few times before.
A lot of small pangas tied up along the shore. The pelicans were enjoying them.

Anther section of the harbor and more boats.
Driving around to go out to the end of the pier - just liked this picture.
When I took the picture I didn't realize he had caught a fish. 
A few fishermen here and there were working on their boats. This was a Saturday so hopefully on a regular week day more of the boats are out fishing.

This place sells gasoline in plastic jugs. The guy was filling the jugs when we went by the first time. See them sitting on the steps. 
Back through town. Took some pictures of every day life in Yavaros. Heading towards the street with the market going on. 
 There is a small restaurant of some sort . See the smoke from the bbq. Just visiting.
 A gathering of some sort for the village. Lots of people walking towards it. 
 A barber shop.
He  bought a watermelon and some other greens. 
 The whole family goes shopping. The red car has the potatoes on it. 
Angelito - most of the busses have women's names on them.  
He is delivering freshly made tortillas. They are in the cooler on the back. He rides around his route blowing a distinctive whistle to let the homemakers know he is coming. 
 Oh, oh a detour. So down a street we've never traveled. 
 School must have just let out - school is on the right. The kids are buying snacks. One room of the house is a store. 
 Just a home along the way. 
 Lots of small boats sitting in lots and driveways. Stored? Abandoned? No idea. 
 The had a destination in mind. 
 And here it is. See the snacks clipped to the line. 
 She is sweeping her yard. 
 An empty building with a satellite dish. Probably belongs to house behind all the trees. 
 He is selling some kind of snack.
 And he has been collecting a few things. Probably to sell for a few pesos. 
Enough for today. More about the fishing in Yavaros next time. 
We will be here in Huatabampito until Friday when we head north again. Hopefully the rain in the area will be gone by then. 
Today is the first day since we've been here that the sun is really out. Still lots of clouds but nice and bright and warm. 

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Andrea Charles said...

Dear Carol and Bill, Thank you for sharing your travel experience to Huatabampito. From this episode of your writing I understand why Yavaros is called the fishing village. The whole place looks so beautiful. All your pictures are so extraordinary and speaks a lot about the place, people, their habitat, etc in detail without much description. Looking forward to more about your journey.