Friday, March 6, 2020

Los Mochis to Huatabampito

I love that name H U A T A B A M P I T O   means willows by the water. Notice header. When we got here there was one seagull on the beach. There are now zillions. The crazy gringo is back!!!
But before we got here.
Here we are getting ready to leave the Smart Gas parking lot in Los Mochis. 50 pesos to the guard for the night and we park right up next to the front fence. The parking lot was full last night. Only on other RV there that I saw.
 The clouds never went away all day. Even here at the beach it is cloudy. So lots of the pictures are kind of dull.
 Only went 110 miles today, took us two and one half hours. Including three check points. The toll booth north of Los Mochis was open and collecting tolls 142 pesos for RV and tow vehicle. Most of the road was good to very good. With just a few spots needing work.
 He was not about to let us buy. This was one section of the road that wasn't too good.
 Military check point in Sinaloa. Just got waved right through.
 Road for a few miles before state line was a little rough. Leaving Sinaloa.
Entering Sonora where the roads were great.  Mostly concret. No detours today.
 The agricultural check point just after the state line. Good things the topes slowed every one down 'cause the roadway through the check point was more hole then road.
 No way to miss all the craters - yes craters - too big to call holes.
Where we had to stop. Asked if we had any fruit. Bill first asked inspector if the big holes by highway had been filled. He just smiled and shook his head NO. Again any fruit. Nope, we've been here many years and know what we can't bring through. Usually they come in and check refrigerator any way. This time he just smiled and told us to go.
 More craters to get through. But they have a nice arch!
 The final part of the obstacle course then on to the nice roads.
 Going through Estacion Luis about kilometer 93  there are two set of two topes. Rattle your teeth if you don't see them.
Turning off 15D to head west to Huatabampito. Thank goodness a few years ago they paved that road. At one time it was easier to drive on the dirt shoulder then the so called road. 
 Sharing the road with farm equipment. A couple of small towns to go through. And of course topes in them. They were hard to see but we knew they were there.
 Lots of bright yellow daisies blooming and lots of beautiful green fields.
 UM??? That is our side of the road. By now we were headed towards the beach going through the little town of   La Savila which has EIGHT topes to slow traffic down. This was the first one.
At least they are smoothly rounded and easy to go over slowly. 
Turn off to campground. Then through another little town. 
Watch for live stock. 
I am not in a hurry - it is my road!
Turn into campground. Only two other rigs there. 
The office and restaurant. Very good food. 
Park has good WiFi and water pressure. 30 amps. We are three feet from the beach. Not sure of price yet cause we will pay when we leave. Not sure when we might leave. Not before Monday for sure. Probably going to rain on Sunday.
And that's it for today. 


gumo said...

I think I noticed a dash cam in your windshield. If so, what kind is it and how do you both like it? I’m in the market for one but need a reference for a good one. Thanks.

Carol and Bill said...

It is called "DASH CAM" Dash Cam Enjoy the digital HD world. I'm looking the Box
1080P FHD in Car Dash Cam Camera Metal DVR Digital Driving Video Recorder
Bill got it from Amazon I think around $25. Seems to work pretty good, takes good pictures - no frills. Easy to set up. Hope that helps.