Monday, March 23, 2020

Pretty sunsets still happen.

Day three. What happens if you have to go to the market? Start counting all over again? I just looked at WalMart pick up and delivery times - basically said HA HA - today and tomorrow no times available, check back in the morning. Yah, sure.
Just want to start out with something pretty. This was taken the Saturday before we left Huatabampito. They have pretty sunsets there. [Aarrgg - have to get used to the keyboard on my PC - some keys are in different places from laptop.]
 We were happy to see that all of our plants survived the winter, even the bougainvillea. Everything seems to be getting new leaves.
Even the ocotillo has one branch with leaves. See the arrow. One whole branch out of 20 with signs of life.
The Palo Verde has really leafed out. 
The RV and car out front. Between Monday when we got here and yesterday we got everything out of the RV. And put it back in storage. Of course it was a couple of hours later that I remembered three things I forgot to take out. One of which was sausage! So went over there this a.m. and got the stuff. It is only two blocks away so no big deal. Good thing I remembered.

 Woke up to rain this morning. Glad we got everything done when we did.
At least we managed to get everything out of the RV before this started up.
I've been busy. Did all the piled up laundry from travel, RV things that need to be washed and all my skirts and blouses from the trip - Didn't want to send them to the laundry as the blouses need delicate wash and the skirts and blouses all need ironing - I know - IRON a four letter word. If I didn't quilt I would not have an iron! So ironed this morning while it was raining. All done, all put away.
The stuff from the RV that been cleaned and waiting to go back in it. Will do that when we bring it back for cleaning. I found four dish cloths in the kitchen goods drawer in the RV. So took them out to use instead of paper towels. Remember them? Also had two more in house cupboard. Do they even sell them any more?
The Jeep is already in the back yard and covered. And my car started right up.
I even cooked breakfast this morning. Can't remember the last time I did that. We had fresh fruit, home fries, sourdough toast and each had one egg. I wish we'd bought a couple of dozen when the store in Amado had them. I figured we both needed to get a solid meal into us. I was thinking about baking a cake, but don't want to use three of our few eggs. Going to fix some kind of chicken for dinner. Have to be sparing with our potatoes too - there weren't any in the markets in Amado.
Not much else going on today.
I think I am kind of a rational person, but this thing is creeping me out. Every time Bill or I sneeze, snuffle or cough I want to freak out. We both have mild allergies so we both sneeze and sniffle during the day. Never thought about it before. And suddenly 80 is a bad age...first time I've been aware of our ages.
And here is another sunset from Huatabampito. The night before we left.


Mark said...

Wow someone has an anger issue. Funny how you are Anonymous, Must be one of those keyboard cowboys. You should come out of the basement. I think I hear your Mom calling you for supper. Carol I'm so sorry you have to read crap like that, he is obviously a very disturbed person in need of help.

Kathy Tycho said...

I hope Anonymous has a mother and grandmother..wouldn't they be proud. Nothing like an internet comment where the poster doesn't have the guts to put their name on it. Sorry Carol­čś¬

Irmi said...

Carol, I am so sorry for the anonymous comment above. He/she is a coward. I applaud you & Bill for doing what you do and the above coward has no idea of the trials and tribulations you have gone through.

Carol and Bill said...

Oh well, maybe they feel better now. Besides we are not boomers. Thanks for your support

Jackie McGuinness said...

You have a very nasty anonymous comment above that you should remove I got it the other day and also saw it on another blogger's.

SandyM said...

Carol, for years I have used the handmade dish clothes. My mom started making them and after she died a friend kept me supplied. Buy the cotton yard at WalMart in small bundles or on a big spool. It is call Peaches and Cream and makes the best dish clothes and it comes in many colors. Mom crocheted the one she made but my friend kints the ones she makes. I do like the knitted ones better as the stitch she uses is not as tight; the crocheted ones, depending in the stitch you use, can be too heavy. To me they are the best type of dishcloth. Bet you could make them by the dozen!

Carol and Bill said...

hi everyone - the rant is removed and Jackie has said what I was thinking. Someone just wrote the nasty thing and is putting it every where he can comment. I actually only read the first couple of sentences and the last couple.
Makes you wonder...

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - guess this would be a good time to drag out the knitting needles again. I have one that a fellow RVer made me years ago, but never used it to pretty.

Doug and Nancy said...

Well, glad you guys are both home and unpacked. I missed the comment. I guess that is a good thing. We have enough negativity in the world at this moment so we don't need more. Not sure why people read these travel blogs if they are so negative.

Take care. At least you are home and have hobbies you can both do there. I can tell you we are on day 5 of self-isolation in an apartment. We have a deck that faces west (thank goodness) so we at least get some fresh air but we won't be leaving the condo until after the 14 days are up.