Friday, March 13, 2020


Well change of plans. We, aren't leaving here until Monday. Didn't want to cross the border on the weekend. But then we'll have to travel in between rainy days. But will eventually get home.
Please enjoy this picture of  HUATABAMPO - it took me many tries to get the entire word in the photo. Mind you, I was always taking it from a moving car - slowly moving but still. Huatabampo is the town. The beach of Huatabampito doesn't have a sign. Too many letters any way. 
A little about the RV Park. El Mirador Hotel and RV Park. This is the main building with the restaurant, office, restrooms and souvenir counter.
The inside restaurant. It has changed a lot since we were here two years ago. Much more colorful and friendly looking. 
Office counter and souvenirs. 
The outside eating area. They usually have some recorded music going. 
And in afternoons a traveling group of musicians come by to play. 

Very nice park. Level lots some pull throughs in the back, but front row is right on beach. 30 amps, water - sometimes low pressure. Usually good WiFi, but that too slows down sometimes. I can get our TelCel Mifi working here too. It is costing us about USD14 a day. The building by the palm trees is the hotel rooms. 
For years I've taken beautiful sunset pictures featuring these two palm trees. So far this year no sunsets, too many dark clouds. Fingers crossed for today. 
Just liked the pictures
I didn't know they had such pretty blooms. 
All by ourselves here now. 
After watching TV from Vegas we decided to look into hand sanitizer here in town. We went to the big Guadalajara Pharmacy and managed to find some sanitizer, but just little bottles. So did buy alcohol and a spray bottle. They have a big bottle of 70%alcohol and aloe vera gel BUT they were out of it. Just had the one they were using. Will continue to check back before we leave. 
Didn't buy any TP - so hope it is in stock when we reach the states. lol...By the time we get home we will also almost be out of paper towels and paper plates. So hoping we can find them. In the area we are in - there has been no one sick. Not many tourists and a rather isolated town. 
Going very slowly over one of the eight topes in La Sevila. 
Look what we found! Did we eat pizza? Of course we did. I had pepperoni and Bill had a Hawaiian with ham and pineapple. Very good. Just like home. Though we've never eaten a Little Caesars at home...
 It is amazing what they can do with these little bicycle carts. He has quite a load. 
 Lots and lots of little stands selling food all over town. 
 Want to buy a building and restore it. 
 The Central Market right downtown. 
 Good roasted chicken, but when we went there they were out of chicken to sell. It was about noon!
 This place sells the water tanks that go up on the roofs. 2090 pesos about USD 170.00
 Lots of coolers strapped on the back of little motorcycles. His is used to carry things, a lot of them have fresh tortillas in them for sale. 
This little building is Radio Lobo - the town's radio station?
That's okay, just let it burn. See a lot of trash burning going on.  
 UGH! Almost couldn't see the bus for the black smoke. Wonder how much longer it will run. 
I will do a couple of blogs on everyday life in and around Huatabampo. 
I am still fooling around with the Comments section - trying to make it so everyone can comment. Let me know if it is working if you can. Or maybe message me on facebook if you can't comment on blog. It is Blogger always fooling around with set ups. 
NUTS - was planning on spending the day watching NASCAR and working on my photos. Now no races for at least two weeks. Poor people who had tickets, time off and had to arrive there. 


Contessa said...

Trying to comment. Love your photos in this post. FYI we are packing up and leaving Sunday. Plan to cross at Lukeville on Monday afternoon. We are driving on San Carlos on Sunday.

Carol and Bill said...

Good to hear from you. You will be in US before us. We will leave here Monday, stop at gas station near Sn Carlos then on to Amado on Tuesday. Take care.

Suz said...

Check with your son for supplies available in Vegas. Lots of shelves empty in stores because of schools, businesses, sport events, buffets in Vegas, etc. closed for a few weeks at least.

Evie said...

First time commenter long time reader. I was in that same rv park last year and it was very windy so didn't stay very long. I love your pictures. Blogger, I have a friend who for years could comment on my blog and then one day nada, zip.

Carol and Bill said...

Well I guess people can now comment but I cant reply directly to them. Will leave it like this for a while and see how it works. Evie - it is almost always windy here, drives us nuts too...but will be home soon and vacuum the sand up.
Suz - son probably has all his supplies under armed guard - mom or no mom.