Monday, March 30, 2020

Snow on the mountains

We got out and did a short walk today. A view of the mountains in the distance. It snowed there in the last week. Tomorrow it is supposed to reach 80.
 Bill kept walking as I took the picture of the mountain. No one else out and about.
 This is the last of this weeks meals. Spaghetti, chicken and tomatoes with a good herb sauce.
 This is what our looked like. Notice the difference - the kit was supposed to include fresh basil leaves, it didn't. But that is okay I don't like fresh basil anyway. Tasted very good. The first time we've had any leftovers for a quick lunch. Three new meals coming on Thursday.
 OMG - I turned my back on them and look what happened!  Did they have a baby that grew up in a week?
Started a new puzzle this one will take me longer, much bigger. Also a Kincaid with water, clouds and a home.
Tomorrow we get our grocery delivery from Smith's. Wonder what we won't get or what could be a substitute.


Mark said...

Are those meals expensive ????

Doug and Nancy said...

Along with toilet paper being in shortage during this global pandemic, I also heard that puzzles were getting hard to find. YIKES!!!

Stay well!! Hugs to you both.

Nancy & Doug.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - kind of like going to a restaurant comes out to about $9.50 a plate. So around $20 a meal for both of us. Worth it for us. Something different to eat, no grocery shopping.

Doug and Nancy - I didn't think about the puzzles but I bet they've flew off shelves. I have about 20 that I've done - maybe I can sell them...just kidding - I usually take them up to the rec room and leave them there. But rec room is closed.
I wonder when this will end.