Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Learning new things.

WHY when you have nothing to do and all day to do it in do you wake up at 4:30 in the morning and can't go back to sleep. So I decided to see if I could make an appointment to pick up some groceries at WalMart. Lo and behold, we can pick up groceries at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. GOODY So then I had to figure out how to order what I wanted - or more like - what I could get. Remember this is an old brain isn't used to all this newfangled way of doing things.  It took a while but managed to get some basics ordered.  Then I figured out how to add to my order, can do that until noon tomorrow. So will check back to see if any other things I want are available. I wonder if I squirt sanitizer on the person bringing the groceries to the car if they will get upset. Be interesting to see how it is handled. [not the squirting the delivering.]
Next hurdle -  I saw where it said, "We'll send you a message when your order is ready." Oh, oh need the WalMart app on my phone. Hooray got that done too. So guess tomorrow at 4 we'll know if I did every thing right. All we have to do is follow the orange dots to pick up. 
We have a bunch of Pesos we want to change to US dollars - called the bank. Can only do it at drive through window - should be fun. Thought about keeping them for next winter - but - will there be a next winter???
Also Bill has a drone that needs fixing - no way - stores and repair shop are closed.
I'm going to cook again tonight Tuna tetrazzini. Sounds good for a cool day. Might cook some biscuits too. And green beans with slivered roasted almonds. Last night we had Au Gratin potatoes, lemon chicken breast and mixed vegetables.  I have to be careful or he is going to get spoiled. 'Cause I cooked breakfast too yesterday.  Did manage to order 18 eggs from Walmart - I think, hopefully.
Some one made a really nasty attacking comment on yesterdays blog - I already deleted it. Who ever it is is posting the same thing to several blogs. What a jerk - why waste his/her time?
Ugh took a nap and now I don't feel like doing anything. Went out to take a walk but the wind was blowing hard and cold. Lost my enthusiasm quickly. So dusted some furniture instead. 
It is only 4:00 but at least the local news is on. And it is almost time to start cooking. 
Just a pretty picture from El Quelite. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

John braved the grocery stores this morning for seniors hour 7-8, got everything we needed.
That nasty comment is showing up on many blogs. I tried to figure out how to report it but gave up.

Carol and Bill said...

We've seen on TV here the LONG lines when seniors only stores open. Taking our chance to day with Walmart pick up. Wonder how that will work out. Girl friend says to go to grocery stores around 10:30 in the morning as everyone has gone home by then. Might or might not find what we want. Also getting Hello Fresh 3 meals delivered tomorrow.