Sunday, March 22, 2020

Beginning our first full day home.

Beginning our first full day home. We were both up by 4 a.m.  No reason, just woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. That's okay we have a lot to do today.
We left Quartzsite yesterday a little before 6:30 - sun was just start int to lighten the sky.
 Almost to Parker when the sky turned really pretty. Thank you sunrise.
 No problems along the way. Mostly good roads and pretty scenery.
 Egad! a fitosanitario - agricultural check point entering California. "Fruits or vegetables," the guard asked. We answered, "No, couldn't find any to buy." He nodded his head in agreement and waved us through.
 Entering Nevada, the road immediately improved. California should be ashamed of itself with its roads.
 A clear day and we could see forever. 
 On the I-11  I like the design of the retaining walls.

 Almost home. See what I mean about a clear day.
 Look at how the elevation changes as you go further north.
 I screwed up entering the gate code - Pushed the wrong numbers the first time. Crap - finally got the right number in and phone rang so I could open the gate. Here we are just one turn from home.
We pulled up in front of our house at 10:30 - did right near 200 miles.
So yesterday we emptied all the food out of the RV. As I put it away I realized we had more food then I though we did. So should be okay for a couple of weeks. Also getting the three meals delivered a week. They include everything you need to make them - down to the last pinch of spice.
Both Bill and I were exhausted by mid afternoon. Locked the RV and left the rest for today. It is 8:00 and I'm on the third load of laundry and almost everything is out of the RV. Taking a break for a while. He is taking a nap. We are just going to empty the RV and put it in storage for a couple of weeks, then bring it back and deep clean it and put everything away, and fix a few things that need TLC.
So now our self-isolation begins. We have been pretty much isolated for the last two weeks, except for going to grocery stores in
Green Valley four days ago. So mainly we just don't want to get near someone who might be sick.
Both of us have things to do to keep us busy.  Don't know if I will post every day or not. How often can one say "we stayed home today."
But will make an effort to write something.


otto-edna in Mexico said...

Glad to hear you are safe at up and stay healthy.����

Jackie McGuinness said...

Stay safe and enjoy your self-isolation!

Carol and Bill said...

Edna and Jackie trying to keep to ourselves - have a lot to do around here and it is keeping us to tired to want to do anything else. So Far. Your guys take care of yourselves too.

SandyM said...

Glad you are safely home again and now you can enjoy your "real" home. Sunset photos are so nice and so are sunrises but I mostly miss them!

Our flights got canceled and our daughter scrambled and got us on another airline by way of Chicago and on to Washington, DC. Our son was waiting to drive to WV getting us home about 3:30am. Looong day but we are safely home to self quarantine for 14 days...yea! Our son-in-law sent enough food to stock our empty fridge so we are set to just sit in house, open mail, finishing getting paper work together for taxes, balancing checkbooks and credit card statements...yea!

Will look forward to all your sewing projects - you are so talented. Stay well and stay safe.