Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Plazuela Machado Jose Ramirez - Artist

This is a long post. The video is around eight minutes - but worth watching. The second part of the post are pictures of a painting being done step by step. He is amazing, what he can do with a spray can of paint. There are two different paintings in this post. So grab a drink of choice and a comfortable chair and watch. Jose Ramirez uses spray paint to create beautiful art. He is in the Plazuela Machado on Saturday evenings after 7:30. He is 77 years old. His wife, who is 78 helps him with the selling and finding stencils he uses. His daytime job is working in a shop that sells automotive batteries. 
To watch full screen Click Here.
The following pictures take up where the video left off [it was just getting too long]. Adding the pine trees. He uses a brush for this. 
 Using his finger to add white highlights to the water. 
We were wondering about the big blue blob on the lower right???  
He took a piece of paper and drug it down through the blue blob removing some of the blue - the colors underneath came out.  He also had removed the round lid to reveal a moon. 
 A stencil of a howling wolf. 
 Some black paint and a wolf standing on the rocks. 
He added some bushes to the rock with a brush. And some birds flying in the sky. 
The finished painting  100 pesos  $5.50 USD  Giving the painting a title, the date it was done and signing it - as per request of buyer. 
Beginning another one. This one Bill requested. The blank thick paper is attached to a moveable board. 
Beginning to make a moon. A couple of colors one over the other. 
Blots some of the color off. 

Uses hair dryer to set the paint. 
He put a metal cylinder over the moon to protect it from other paint. Starting to put in background. 
Several different colors sprayed on. 
Sorry about the lamp being in the way - he is again using hair dryer. 
Anther darker color being added. 
A piece of protective cardboard laid down on picture. You can see to the right of the pictures many different sized pieces of paper that he uses for many things.  At htis point he removed cylinder that was protecting the moon. 
He has another piece of cardboard in his hand. He is tearing some of it off. 
He has made a stencil for mountains. Carefully puts it right up to strip of cardboard he already put down. 
Used about three different colors of paint to make mountains To keep the stencil from moving he puts weights on it. 
The sky, moon and mountains. 
Now he moved one piece of cardboard up to cover the mountains and part of the sky. He is going to begin the water. 
Several coats of different hues of blue.
Finishing with a pretty dark blue. 
Now he takes another piece of hard cardboard and moves it back and forth as he goes down to the end of the picture. Different pressure removes different layers of paint. Here his wife is holding the picture so it won't move. 
Now have beautiful water. 
Another piece of cardboard above the water. You cant see it but there is a coin on the cardboard right under the moon. It is marking an area to be painted. 
Adding shading to the water. 
The area below the coin gets white paint. 
Ah ha reflection of moon on water.
Fixing blemish on mountains 
A look at what is done so far. 
Using a brush to paint trees. 

Again Using a brush to add foliage to trees. 
And to the bottom of the picture. 
Using a very fine metal tool to add birds to the sky. 
Setting the paint.
Signing the picture. 
And here it is finished.  Took about a half hour. 100 pesos.
This one is ours, Bill will make a frame for it when we get home. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Loved it.....thanks Carol!!

Carol and Bill said...

you are welcome

Mark said...

It was a great night for sure.. Thanks for bringing me along for the adventure.