Saturday, February 8, 2020

Huichol bead work

Just wanted to share the exquisite bead work done by the Huichol Indians. This picture was taken in San Blas. The lady on the right is Melissa a Huichol whom we have know for many years.
When we were there a few years ago Bill had bought a ceramic parrot that he was going to take home and bead. Our friend Tom, in the middle of the above picture, bet him it "wouldn't be done by August."
Bill took the ceramic parrot to Melissa and asked her if she could and would bead it for him. She took it and this is how we got it back in a week. 
A closer look at the head. The beads are placed one by one into a think layer of bee's wax.
Melissa and her family also made Bill several colorful beaded hat bands that he wears all the time. 

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