Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A walk about Centro Mazatlan.

On Wednesday to get away from the painting we headed into the Centro Historico for breakfast and just to walk around. As near as I can make Google maps work this was our route. We parked just to the left of the dark red dot. According to this we did a little over 2 miles. But the route is not exactly right and we did a lot of extra steps in market and other places we went. 
We passed a segway tour group then came upon this bicycle group. Lots of ways to tour Mazatlan. From walking to buses and everything in between. .

Reflection in puddle
A few 
A few pieces of stained glass still left in window looking into parking lot. 
Saw this on the side of a building we passed. 
The street it is talking about. 
Just liked the colors and lines and textures. 
And my house end right there where yours begins. 
An outdoor room on a beautifully restored building. Like the iron work. 
The rest of the building with designs above all the windows and more iron work on the balcony
Above the door. 
Inside La Antigua where we went for breakfast. Cute. 
Floor inside the restaurant. 
Window sill. 
Stained glass in the old wooden door to another room. 
Ornate windows.
My breakfast - Big crepe with bananas, caramel sauce and walnuts and whipped cream. Cannot describe how good it is. 
Bill's breakfast crepe with egg, gouda cheese and ham. His plate was clean too. Very very good place to eat breakfast or lunch. Great service too. 
Done with breakfast and walking towards the downtown. An old interior wall. Guess the house used to have a second floor. 
This is just one bougainvillea bush/tree.
I like the color and roof line and window trim of this building. 
Purple - very very purple. Love it. When we get home I miss all the bright colors and different shapes 
Another nice decorated and painted building. 
Oh my gosh -- purple shutters and red flowers. What a great combination. I might blow this one up and frame it. 
Thinking about painting it purple maybe?   
Sign for a restaurant I think. Done in mosaic. 
Have gone by this building at night didn't realize it was so colorful. 
The bottom part of an older building we passed. Needs some TLC.
A rather faded mural of the Virgin. 
It is so great walking around this town, you never know what you might see or who you might meet. Everywhere you look there is color and life going on.  Will stop here for this walk and finish it at a later date - and will add pictures from today's walk. Kind of walked the same area but saw different things. We just had to get out today after the rain stopped this morning before it started again this afternoon. 

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