Sunday, February 2, 2020


Serendipity - a gift for finding good things accidentally. 
This describes last Wednesday to a tee.  
But first a couple new Carnaval Puppets. Discovered them on the Malecon on our drive to Centro. 
Dominican Republic

See the green stars - they made for a great day.  More about the rest of the map at another time. The top star is a bakery.
We had been at the Mercado Pino Suarez then started to walk back to the car. Exploring as we went. Bill decided he wanted to visit a friend so he halted and turned up a street we haven't walked before. About half way up the block there was a delicious smell of bakery and cinnamon. A new bakery called Artesano's
 Written on the wall as you walk in. "Start enjoying your life and let every body love you."
 Oh my gosh, it's the bakery who used to work at the Culinary Market. The one who used to make the delicious cinnamon rolls there a couple of years ago. The rolls that sold out before 10 a.m. He remembered Bill. 
And there they are!
His wife in the kitchen. 
Some of the baked goods. Bill got some of the focaccia - said it is perfect. 

"Life is an adventure. Breath and enjoy the journey." Good Advice.
 A nice place to sit and enjoy a coffee and pastry.
And this one says, "Like yourself,and  your life and then those around you. "
Working in the kitchen part.  
Bill deciding what he wants. 
 And of course we bought some rolls.  
 The bakery, the baker and the address. 
We will be returning a lot.
We also had another great great encounter that day. Another blog another day. [Got to go inside of a home built in 1795 that is slowly being restored.] Cause we won't be going any where until the weather clears up. 

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