Sunday, February 16, 2020

Saturday night Plazuela Machado

We spent a lot of time at the Plazuela Machado last night and there was a whole lot going on. So I took several videos. But this first one I took at the look out point where we went to watch the sunset. An older ragged man walk by me and said, "I am going to dive, watch me." And he pointed to the cliff next to us. My thought was Yah, sure. A few minutes later I saw him in bathing trunks poised out on the rock cliff.  OMG - he is nuts. He is hard to see but look at the left side of the lighter colored rock and you can see him. And off he went. I almost dropped the camera. Don't start the video until you see him. It goes quick. This is NOT where the regular divers dive - this is a dangerous place. 
So turn on your sound and enjoy the videos.

This one is a 360 view of the Plazuela Machado about 8:30 at night. Bill and Mark are watching the spray can painter. More on him another post. 

This one has the Indian fire dancers. And while they were dancing fireworks started in the background. 

There were bands and dancers all over. So much to see and enjoy. Didn't get home until almost 11:00.
we stayed there so long I had to use the restroom. So I went in Rin Rin Pizza [the old Beach Burger] 'cause I knew they had a rest room. Well they have remodeled them. As I sat this is what I was looking at - funny but kind of creepy. 
Took 219 photos last night and a lot of movies. Will spend most of the day working on photos and next blog. And watching the Daytona 500 - Go Kyle. 


Mark said...

Was a great night for sure, thanks for including me in it.

Carol and Bill said...

Our pleasure - got more planned for this week.