Saturday, February 22, 2020

What you can buy in Centro

Our walk through the shopping area of Centro. Up Aquiles Serdan, over Zaragoa and back down Azueta. Also where I took most of the sidewalk pictures. 
The day we took the walk was the day the vendors were removed from the four blocks surrounding the Central Market. Looked strange with the street empty. 
Some gowns for rent - so pretty. 
Leaving Benito Juarez heading for Serdan. 
Lots and lots of people out shopping and/or looking. Grapefruit for sale. 
Most of the vendors have relocated to Serdan on both sides of the street. Which really slowed down traffic. Sun glasses for sale. 
Lunch any one?
A photographer from one of the TV stations taking videos of the vendors and shoppers. 
Mostly snacks of some type. Coconut balls. 

Bif food cart in front of the shoe store. 
Nice balcony living area above the store. Party supplies below it. Womens clothing next door. 
She did not seem to be too interested in entertaining. 
A store selling Baptismal and Confirmation clothing for children. They are so beautiful. 

A kitchen supply store Narrow and long. Not much lighting in the back end of it. Any color glas you'd want. Also bowls. 
White dishes and serving pieces
A children's fancy dress store. 
A store selling children's costumes.
 Dolls in dresses matching the quinceanera gowns inside. 
 So many pretty gowns for young women and younger girls and babies. 
 Walking past the German Bar. 
 Guitar store. 
Baskets and artificial flowers of every color.  
 Just interesting buildings. Stores below apartments. I think the white one is a hotel. A nail shop and a bakery. 
 A huge kitchen store. We've odne a lot of shopping here. It it isn't here it probably isn't made. 
 White bowls with prices on them. Casserole pots below them. And a water jug. 
More artificial flower stores. The colors are amazing. Single flowers, greenery and garlands. 

 And arrangements. 
A jewelry store under a home. Shuttered store next door. 
 Pinatas of all sizes and shapes. Balloons and other party decorations. Is this a beer glass?

 Another store that sells paper goods, wapping papers and boxes 

We were getting closer to the Central Market so the street vendors were in full force here. 
 Clothing store and another party store. I like the manikin in the street with the balloons tied to it. 
 A couple of clothing stores. Mostly women's clothing stores.
 Candy store
 One of the few men's clothing stores. This is interesting. 
Ad a store selling children's folkloric clothing.  
Only a small portion of the shops. Saw a couple ladies underwear shops and quite a few stores selling trims for clothing - ribbons, beads, flowers, sequin trims etc. 
Almost a sensory overload. With all the people, traffic, music being blasted in front of stores, colors and smells from the vendors. But so interesting. A couple of shops selling all kinds of personal electronics and a couple of cell phone repair places. At times I was too absorbed in looking that I forgot to take pictures. 

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