Sunday, February 23, 2020

How we spend /waste/enjoy our time in Mazatlan

Just putting in a bunch of photos I've taken in the last week or so. So far this winter I've taken over 7000 pictures. That even surprised me. Carnaval is in full swing now so we are staying away from the Centro Historico until it is over. And today is NASCAR day. Qualifying was rained out so #18 will start first as officials used the point earned from last year to set lineu. Also Bill has a COLD so he is feeling kind of crappy. All of the above will be over by the middle of next week. But I have plenty of pictures and things we've done that I haven't shared yet.
So anyway - got my hair trimmed. Didn't want it buzzed off like I usually have it, and lucky me, the barber Luis, showed up here in the campground. So here I am in a lawn chair out next to the RV getting my hair trimmed. Letting the top grow out a little, maybe I can spike it.

Later that day Bill took his Phantom Pro drone up. It has colored led lights on its propellers. Looks like an UFO when it is in the sky. Took a video of it flying. Too funny.

Took a trip to Centro - driving down one of the pretty streets. This was taken through the windshield so is a little blurry. That is a huge tree that is growing on the wall. Seen it many times. 
But this is new, there is now a door in it.??? Will have to take a walk by it and snoop. Also the little mural is new.
And just down a few feet is this painting of a bird. Need to get a better picture of it too. This is a one way street so only way to get phoho is through windshield as we zip by. 
A block down on my side of the street are these. Notice the window is bricked up. 
And now it is another day and we are back downtown in one of our favorite parking lots WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? They built a shed right in front of one of the best murals in town.  How could they? 
Still in the parking lot Looking u at the building next door. Part of the old ceiling is still there.
Same building - the brick are really old all hand made. Different sizes. I wish I had billions of dollars so I could restore some of these old beauties. 
Remember the spray can artist. Between Bill and Mark they ordered too many paintings to be finished the night we were at the Plazuela. So the painter said he would do them and we could pick them up at his business - an automotive battery repair and sales shop. He said they would be ready Wednesday. Well the first time we went there - luckily I used Google Maps so we found it easily enough. Of course the paintings were not ready. So we went back Wednesday morning. Still not ready. Off we went to breakfast. Came back and still not ready but we would wait. Bill heading for the shop. 
I was being snotty so I stayed in the car. Right in front of the car was an Oyster selling stand. So I got to watch the owner shuck the oysters put them in little cups and a whole lot of people stop to eat them. 
Bill patiently waiting in the shop.
The painter - he would finish a painting and go out and put it on the hood of his truck in the sun while working on the next one. Seven hours later - well maybe not that long - more like 45 minutes we had all the paintings and were on our way. That'll teach me, next time I'm sticking with Bill.  
OH MY GOSH - part of the main road that has been torn is was open - only a couple of blocks of it but enough to get to the big supermarket we like. Looks pretty good too. Sidewalks are new as is the bike path in the center. Also all new sewer and water lines under it. So we went to the market before going home. 
Some day when the traffic isn't so bad I want to stop and get some closer photos of this. It is amazing. So colorful and all kinds of things painted on it. It is a restaurant that seems to change hands every six or so months. 
Stopped for lunch at Torres and watched this guy walk the beach. He carries his table with him over his shoulder so he can set the tray on it. He also has a donut shaped thing he puts on the top of his head. Lots of people buy from him. All different kinds of fruit. 
We watched the truck race Friday night. Kyle won driving one of his company's trucks. He has won the last 8 truck races he has entered. Well crap. Just read that he #18 will be starting in the back because of a penalty - modification to part of the car the officials didn't like. Three of the Gibbs cars will be moved to back and the drivers will loose points. Oh well should be fun watching him move up. But he was never faster than 15th in practice. Race is in Las Vegas - rained all day there yesterday and snowed in the mountains. 


Payson48 said...

Been reading your blog for a few years! Your pictures never disappoint.
Love all the colors like you.
Kathy Tycho not posting for a long time - do you see her at all? Only 7 posts for 2020.
I'm in the Phoenix area - yes rain all day Saturday here also.

Kathy Tycho said...

Kathy Tycho needs to get her act in gear..I've just been over busy and sick! Carol on the other hand is the best blogger ever. I enjoy every post.

Carol and Bill said...

Glad to see your reply - I've been wondering about you too. Was going to start checking with the ladies here. Happy all is well.