Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sidewalks - looking down at the sidewalks of Mazatlan

We were walking around Centro in the shopping area and I was noticing all the different sidewalks. So got the idea to take pictures of them. Some are colorful tiles. Plus the new concrete part added a few years ago. 
 This one has big tiles with a design in them. 
 This one tiles separating the smaller tiles. The color is starting to wear off in places. 
 Tiles set on the diagonal - but I like the reflection on them. . 
 Green Moorish style tiles. Some have the color completely worn off.  And several have been replaced with concrete 
 New extra large tiles
 Almost completely worn away. The step up to go into a store has smaller squares. 
 Wow this one makes you dizzy. It is completely flat but looks wavey. 
 Newer tiles on a step up from the older sidewalk at the top of the photo. 
 Oops - this is why you look down when walking here. 
 Another reason to look down. 
 The design has almost been completely worn down the center of this section The big yellow and red tiles [look like something that should be in a house] and the smaller checker board edging. 

 Two different textures on this sidewalk. Tiles and rough concrete.  
 More yellow and red tiles - must have been popular at one time. These have some big yellow tiles replacing missing ones I'm guessing. 
 Or maybe they were part of the design of the sidewalk. 
 This stretch is still in pretty good shape. The yellow and red seemed to be a popular combination. 
 Different. The pink is on the step up. 
 Looks like concrete blocks and another watch your step!
 The sidewalks that were put in Centro a few years ago. 
 Another I liked the shadow.
 The new sidewalks in Olas Altas. 
 New sidewalks between Fisherman's Monument and Olas Altas. 
 Another optical illusion. 
 I just liked the shadow of the palm tree. 
I didn't include all the sidewalks from the Golden Zone with all their colors - these are just from the Centro area. 

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