Saturday, February 1, 2020

Painting RV Days 3 and 4. All finished.

This is our weather forecast for next 3 or 4 days. Guess we'll be watching a lot of TV or reading a lot of books, or looking for oars. 

in Mazatlan rainfalls of 20 to 50 mm are expected 

guess we'll find out if the window is sealed. 
The work continued at a pretty fast pace. Lots done by Thursday night. Wednesday we left for Centro early and didn't get home until mid afternoon.  Then we took a day trip Thursday to get away from the fumes.
Covering all the newly painted graphics and windows etc preparing to repaint light yellow background.

By the time we got home the background was done and the clear coats were going on.

Driver's side completely done by end of Wednesday.

The dark blue only stands out when in the sun. 
 Getting ready to do graphics on passenger side. Rear.This side didn't fade as bad as the other side. Some color still left. It is the other side that gets all the in storage Las Vegas sun. 
 Front half ready to paint. 
 All ready to go.  And we were ready to go too.
 When we came home. 

 That is the Grayhawk logo on the top art of the cab-over.  When we bought it just under the logo was JAYCO - When the name was removed it left a shadow on the paint, You can't see it all the time but it has bothered me. Yah, the B---cy wife. So...

Grayhawk came off and entire cab-over was painted. We were home for that  - stinky.
Saturday and it is all done. Same colors as the Jeep for the new graphics. Cloudy day so the colors don't really show up. 
 Bill keeps his mural covered. It was suggested something should go on the middle of the cab over. Hum??? 
 Hard to get a photo of this side with all the plants. Again no sun so very little of color shows.
 Now the colors match.