Friday, January 31, 2020

Copala - Part 2

Back to Copala. After ooing and ahhing over the leather work of Alejandro we left his gallery and walked to his restaurant. Just across this small street. 
I came across this article about Copala written in 1987 for the L A Times. Fun to read as much of it was about what is now Alejandro's restaurant but was then a small hotel and bar. Very well written and worth the read  Click Here to find it. 
Looking back at the church and the neat little plaza. The building on the left is the old souvenir shop and now empty. Hopefully with more tourist coming here it will one day reopen. 
Looking down the street from the gallery. The area for sale used to be Alejandro's restaurant when he first opened it. It was beautiful with mostly outdoor seating surrounded by huge plants. 

Going into the restaurant. After being a hotel/bar - that closed because of a family tragedy it was for a while a mining museum. 
One of the dining rooms. 

Another dining room. Big fireplace on back stone wall. 
A walk way between dining rooms. Mostly original building left. 
My meal. Chicken fajitas, rice, salad and beans. I was too full to have any banana cream pie.
More of the restaurant. 
Outside eating area. 
Alejandro's colorful building.
Looking over a wall near the church at whats left of an old building. 
An old mine cart that was part of the now gone museum. 
Heading out of town. 
Looking u one of the side alleys. That is a lot of steps to go up.
Heading down the street that goes out of town. 
Back up ready to turn on to the main highway. This is  the bus stop across the highway. 
From here we stopped in Concordia for a look around. Another post for another day.
Today we are staying home. Painters are taking the morning off so we are just enjoying doing nothing. 


Doug and Nancy said...

But tell me you took some Banana Cream Pie to go?????

Carol and Bill said...

nope, but will next time.