Sunday, January 26, 2020

African tulip tree grows anywhere and everywhere here.

Been a little under the weather for a bit, no running around so am going back over older photos. We were walking around Centro a while ago and stopped to look in through the windows of this old building. On the outside it is nicely painted but inside just a few walls standing and no roof which lets the sun and rain nourish several plants. 
A flowering vine of some sort.
An African tulip tree. For years I thought this was a mimosa tree, but yesterday when looking up the flower I discovered I was wrong. Growing inside one of the rooms. 
It is so big it has reached out over the building. 
A close up of the flower. I took this picture at La Marina restaurant. 

Nothing to do with the flower but I like it. On a building across the street from the one with the tree inside it. 

There are so many interesting things around here it is hard to know where to look and extra hard to cull out the pictures.

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