Friday, January 10, 2020

Just interesting to me things in Mazatlan

Sunset January 6th taken with the drone

Walking back to our car we decided to stop at Nid Art. Always an interesting art gallery.
I like the walls and rooms as much as the art. 
Especially this area.
Some of the leather work for sale. 
Then walking back up Carnaval we passed this. Usually the doors are closed. Don't know why they were opened. But...looks like this might have been an old bank at one time. 
The pretty trees and paper decorations in front of one store. 
Just before getting to the parking lot we stopped at Sole Mare restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Haven't been in it before but pass it all the time. Very interesting inside

Love the brick ceilings. A upstiars and a couple of faux balconies.

I ordered ice tea. No regular ice tea available but there was Kiwi...hum...okay. Surprised when she brought it. A glass of ice. A little metal picture of boiling water with a tea ball in it. 
Forgot to take a picture after pouring the water over the ice. It turned out bright red. Kiwi? Maybe strawberry or jicama. Not sure. Tasted okay as did the salad I ordered. 
The hibiscus bud last night.
 The flower this morning. 
Some pictures from last nights sunset and moon rise.

 Three amazing sunsets in a row. Working on a drone video Bill took of one of them. 

This was last night but he took a better one the night before. 

Have been keeping busy the last couple of days. Have to sort out the pictures. 


Dirk said...

love your writings and pictures. Great to see Bill making an often appearance! Happy New Year to you both !

Carol and Bill said...

Glad to see your comment, been wondering about you.