Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dragging captured tourists around Mazatlan

I think I've mentioned that we have friends here from Canada. So we have been dragging them around town. The other day we headed towards Centro Historico for breakfast. They have their own car - so we took one of the slowest rides across town so they could follow us. These Carnaval puppets are at beginning of Malecon by Valentinos. This one depicts El Salvador. Very pretty and colorful. There is no time of day when the sun is in the right position to get a good picture. 
This one is in the same place. No sign on it yet. What American country would be depicting a chicken with a Spanish conquistador on it's back?
A vendor with his colorful wares and someone just enjoying the day. 
Another way to tour the town. I'd probably kill myself or at the very least cause an accident. 
Taken out of the window. This guy dives into the ocean to collect oysters from the ocean. The inner tube has a net in the middle where he puts them. 
At first I was wondering A horse? But then saw the country Peru. So figure it must be a llama. Another colorful and fun one. 
Another no idea. No country and no guess. 
Saw this bus parked along the curb. Started in Argentina and driving to Alaska - found some information on them. 
The Latin bug travels from Patagonia to the end of the world 🗺 El Bicho Latino
* a journey that started fifteen years ago a pilgrim family 

*Lo they started two, multiplied to three
The history of the Latin bug is a story that tells us a wonderful journey through the American continent, where one day shanti and matu decided to leave everything and dedicate themselves to travel until they arrive from Argentina to Alaska.
It all started when shanti sold his whole team of the photo studio he had ridden simply because he bothered to do the same every day and wanted to lead a different life, I knew there was something outside waiting for him I bought a bus and started transforming it into what today is the Latin bug.
The first stop was in Argentina where he met matu, a graphic reporter of a newspaper south of Argentina 
 and told him his life project, he immediately imagine how wonderful he could be and leave his work to undertake the trip next to Shanti in the Latin bug, today is fifteen years of that.
The adventure started by the countries of South America and at three years she receives the great news that she would be mom of a beautiful girl, which was born in Ecuador and also incorporated her to the journey of the Latin bug.
The daughter of both bears the name of saina and is delighted to have this kind of parents who show her life beyond four walls that is given in a school, and that she has friends in every city to which they are coming, Today in your stay inMazatlan has two friends.
Today in your stay in Mazatlan they tell us that they want to get to Alaska and after there see what happens, that there is a lot of world to know yet, for this they sell a book with their trips and shirts to go supporting the trip, in addition to working on Every city they're going through.
It's interesting to know the life of this nomad family that goes across the American continent and leaving a piece of his heart in every town that's going on.
Wish we had stopped to talk to them  We took that trip the other way - from Los Angeles to Argentina in 1978 in a 24 foot Class A motorhome with the five kids. You can read about that trip in our book All The Way To Argentina.  
They were parked by the divers. No where to stop though to watch. 
The Shrimp Bucket has really changed it looks. So much more colorful now. 
Don't think I'd want to travel around town in this. 
Up to the look out point by the harbor. Just a so so sunset. Not much more looks done as far as the tram to the observatory. 
On to the Plazuela Machado. Have to get a picture of one of us up there with the drums. 
Talking about which way to go and admiring the buildings 
This turned out different then I expected. Tried to get a photo of the wedding cake decorated with sea shells, but got the reflection of the building across the street. 
Just the entrance into one of the homes along the way. 
Passed by the gazebo where several young women were practicing a dance routine. 

Went on to the Central Market, fabric store and Cathedral. 
 Some time this year I'm going to buy one of these dolls. So colorful. 
 Well he's got his helmet where is his motorcycle?
 Some Christmas decoration still up in the Central Market. Very pretty. 
 Checking out and buying some t-shirts. 
Had a stop over at Panama restaurant and bakery for refreshing drinks. Then on towards home. 4500 steps for me that day. I know not much but it was hot and sticky out. 
Today was a day trip day. took lots of photos

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