Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Centro Historico walk at night in Mazatlan

I know this is about Sunday night but had to share last night's sunset. Taken from in front of our RV.
We ended our night Sunday in the Plazuela Machado. But before we sat down to listen to music we took a short walk around the residential area around the plaza.
During the summer of 2017 the city improved the streets and sidewalks around this area. They also installed spot lights in the sidewalks that highlight the architecture of the buildings makes for great pictures. Our walk. Parked across the street from the Melville Boutique. Not a long walk but beautiful at night. 
This is leaving the parking lot and heading towards the Plazuela.
Our first stop was the Plazuela Machado. The Christmas decorations are still up. Walked around then took a walk through the neighborhood. 
One of the restaurants in the plaza. 
The Angela Peralta Theater. Except for the two big trees the decorations are down. 
Another restaurant. 
Nid Art Gallery
Looking back at the Theater, Love the ambiance the lights give the buildings. But sometimes they do make walking hard when they shine right up in your eyes. 
A colorful home. 
More homes. 
A restaurant. 

I like the roof line of this one. 
I wonder how old that bougainvillea is?  
We were the only people walking around this area. So quiet and lovely. 

Looking back at the same bougainvillea. 
I wonder how that tree got so bent? Winds? Heavy branches with leaves. 

Christmas decorations. 
A rather narrow street. No parking on it. 
Then we returned to the Plazuela for a couple of lovely hours listening to music and watching people dancing. Next blog. 


SandyM said...

That sunset is spectacular!

Carol and Bill said...

glad I looked outside in time to catch it.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos as always. You saw more of that fabulous sunset than I did but I did see you photos of the Mazatlan FB page.

Today I lucked out and can comment here via Chrome but only as anonymous.


Carol and Bill said...

Thank you. Hope each day you are feeling better. Wonder what is going on that the comments are screwed up. I've no idea.

Kathy Tycho said...

I almost never get downtown at night...thanks!

Carol and Bill said...

It is really pretty around that area. But the lights in the sidewalk sometimes blind you. I tripped up a curb the other night but didn't fall cause the light was in my eyes.