Monday, January 27, 2020

Repainting the RV

Bill got up this morning and felt a little better, but still with the upset stomach. So you will notice he is not outside bothering the workers as he would be if he felt good. Aren't they lucky.
Yep we are getting the RV repainted. Remember when we first got it done in January of 2018  Click here to check it out.  There are several blogs on the painting saga. This was the first day the painting started. When we wanted gold paint and got chartreuse instead. Eventually the painter took it to his shop to paint it and we stayed in a hotel. 
Well unfortunately the gold and maroon paint has faded and the clear coat is flaking off. Part Bills fault and part painters fault and a lot of Las Vegas sunshine thrown in too. This time the correct paint will be used and the correct clear coat. It is my understanding the whole house of the RV will be repainted. NOT the cab with the mural. But I might be wrong. Bill did tell me they will be using the same colors and paint as just used on the Jeep.
This is the drivers side of the RV. The side the sun hits fully when we are here in Mexico and when it is parked in storage in Las Vegas. Notice all the color is GONE.
And the clear coat is flaking off. Can see it by the window.  
 The graphic to the right under the window used to be maroon. All that is left of the color is in the shade under the window. 
 This part used to be gold, can barely see the color under the light. 
 The passenger side still has some color but it too is fading.

 So this morning the workers showed up to take off the clear coat on the whole body/house part of the RV. Scaffolding and not sure what the tank is. 
Slowly scraping all the clear coat off. 
As I went out to take the picture I noticed one of our transplanted hibiscus was blooming. Beautiful!
 Scaffolding going up.

 Using a single edge razor blade. Almost done with this side. 
Well day one is done. Whats next? Don't know - will find out tomorrow. Also have mechanic coming for Jeep tomorrow to try to figure out why the windshield washer doesn't work. 
Cooked dinner tonight and got some Pepto and we both feel almost human again. 


Unknown said...

Hi Carol and Bill I would like to thank you for taking your time out of your day to show us around Mazatlan. Thanks again I had a great time with you and Bill.

Carol and Bill said...

So glad you enjoyed it. Our pleasure. Will be doing blogs on where we went for a few days