Friday, January 3, 2020

The amazing La Martina Restaurant

 heavy on pictures, light on comments 
La Martina, full of history is a family restaurant inspired by the food of our mothers and grandmothers who prepared it for us with great love at home, by paying homage to it and contributing our touch, La Martina was born.
I have done several blogs on the restaurant. From our first visit  our second visit  and then another one last spring  Each time we go something more has been added to the building or grounds. It continues to evolve to this day. Most of the pictures here were taken a week or so before Christmas.     
A very pretty decoration in front in the fountain. The bougainvillea around the entrance arches are growing like crazy. 
Beautiful big ferns.
Just one of the tables and cabinets in the patio part of the restaurant. 
Looking back towards the outside where the Jeep is parked. Another fountain in the patio. 
A beautiful wood carving. 
It is prohibited to go into the kitchen. The cook is crazy. 
But of course Bill is going to go there. 
Johnny the Chef laughing to see Bill coming. 
Discussing the fact that the kitchen has been enlarged and more area is still being added to it. 

This is "our" table. It is right on the edge of the eating area kind of behind a post. Where we sit when ever we go there. Isn't the table beautiful? I like all the colors in the table runner. 
The breakfast menu. In the past I've taken some pictures of the waffles la negra - yum.
When you sit down you get the chips. Sweet potato chips are very good. And so is the cheese. 
After we ordered I wandered around a bit. Most of the area behind the restaurant is new this year.The restaurant is set up to be used for big events - weddings, 15th birthdays etc. Lush green grass surrounded by white picket fence makes for good photo ops. 
Walked down the stairs to the side yard. Both buildings are new since we were here in the spring. They were building them then. One is eventually going to be a little souvenir store. The fountain and the cactus are new. In fact all the landscaping back here is new. 

There are five or six of these wrinkled cacti here. The only other place I've ever seen one is in El Quelite.
A living cactus fence between the yard and a new planting of fruit trees. I think probably mango, not sure. 
Looking back across the yard at the restaurant. Can you just imagine a bride coming down those steps.

A raised stage type area. See the big round tables.
Looking down at them from our table. Each is one solid piece of wood. 

The men's rest room is to the left. 
The small stairs leading back up to the restaurant. The big stairs in the previous photos have the same tile on them. 
On the other side of the big stairs is another raised stage area. It has a roof over it that is covered with bougainvillea. 

Part of the kitchen is outside. See the light blue pot - it site over a wood fire. The pot holds Cafe de Olla. (literally, coffee of the cooking pot) The coffee steeps over the fire. It has cinnamon, sugar and orange in the pot. Sometimes other flavors are added. Every place has its own recipe. In this area is the grill for making the tortillas too. 
Back to the table where our breakfast was served. I had scrambled eggs, chorizo - made there - chilaquiles and beans. See the corn husk the beans are on.
Bill had a chicken Molcajete It is served in a lava bowl and it is boiling hot. See the steam. 
A look at the bowl, it is really bubbling and continues to remain very hot. 
A couple of the workers are making the corn husk bean holders. 
No matter where you look there is something interesting. 
Stopping in the ladies bathroom. A painting of Maria Sabina - look her up...
Even a baby changing station. 
The front patio. hand made wooden furniture, little piggies standing on pretty tile floor. 
Looking the other way. Rocking chairs to sit in and enjoy the view. 
The garden where most of their produce will be grown. 
The sign says, "Who knows how to plant is not afraid of the harvest."
And that's it folks. A great place to spend a few hours. Good food, great service and atmosphere. 


Mark said...

Sure has changed since I was there last time. Looks wonderful.

Carol and Bill said...

Sunday morning breakfast?

Mark said...

Well why not..

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