Friday, January 24, 2020

Traveling a new road and entering Copala

When it was time to leave the area where the laundry ladies were I mentioned I'd seen a different road out to the highway on google satellite maps. "So let's take that road," I said. Bill, always willing to please said, "Okay." and off we went. Not a real good idea. Here is a video of that road and ride. 
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Hum seems to be all dirt. Sharp turn here. More dirt. Not getting any better as we continue on. Past several homes. Look at the wires coming off the power pole! Back onto concrete heading for the main highway. I think...Had to back track to find Mark waiting patiently on road we went in. 

After getting back on the highway and finding Mark - who used good judgment and went out the way we came in, we headed up the old Durango Highway - the Devil's Backbone to Copala.
Here we are turning off the highway onto the entrance road to town.
This road has been redone since we were here last. All new cobblestones. Then through town. Stopped and looked around and had lunch then took the old one way road that leads out of town. The video is kind of long, but can be fast forwarded until we get to town and again after we get on the old road. But you get a feel of the town. 
To view in full screen Click Here. 
Oops - looks like I made a typo when making the video  Should be Copala not Copapa

The old Daniel's restaurant at the beginning of town. Then up towards the church and plaza. Past several old homes. I about jumped out of my seat when that gray car shot up out of the side street. The old church. Parking in the plaza while looking around town. Then off again. Past Alejandro's restaurant where we had lunch. Down the road through town. Hope we didn't meet any other traffic. We come to the turn that takes the one way street out of town back up to the highway. It has not been redone. Down the hill past homes, huge trees and flowering plants. Looks like part of the road had a wash out. Then up the hill. Back west towards Mazatlán.

Pictures from Copala will be another blog.
Another day trip today.
A teaser on what we did today.

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