Saturday, January 18, 2020

How our garden changed and time spent in Golden zone

We have a new garden. Well new planting but same plants. All removed from the planter boxes and replanted in the ground. In front of the banana plant and bougainvillea. 
 In the back. The two hibiscus and inf romt of the utility post are two bougainvillea then the previously potted plants.
This couple is from Switzerland. They started in Alaska and plan on driving to Argentina. Good for them. Wish them a safe and fun trip.  
 Another day that the cruise ships were in we headed to Lucky B's for breakfast and to people watch.As usual lots of vendors heading towards the beach. 
 My delicious Paradise Salad. Fruit, nuts and greens. Bill had a Ceaser Salad with chicken and Mark had a hamburger. All very good. 
They start at a young age here. 
His brother
Both boys and their older sister?
They were across the street and moving so picture is a little fuzzy. 
A little one in hand and a baby swaddled on her front. The two guys are volunteer firemen collecting donations.
Serious looking gentleman on his way to the beach. Each vendor is supposed to have a permit to sell and it also designates his area to sell in/on. So many meters by so many meters in a certain area. 
They were more interested in talking then selling. 
Father and young son.
Walked out to the beach. I always wonder why people from a cruise ship would want to spend their time ashore on a beach instead of exploring the town.
Musicians in front of Pancho's arcade.
We walked up the street a ways to visit with the Huichol couple again. Thant day he was working on a small wall hanging. The wood has a very thin layer of bee's wax on it; He has already pressed colorful yarn around the  border as a frame. 
She is beading. Making bracelets, necklaces and earrings. In fact I bought a pair of earrings. The pot in the center of the table contains a Peyote plant. The depiction of flower of the plant is incorporated in all of their work. 
He is sketching a design into the wax. The men's outfits are usually made by their wives. It can take up to a month to make one. All hand embroidered. 
He is sketching a deer.
Some of her beadwork on the table. The bands around all of Bill's hats were made in San Blas by a Huichol friend of our. 
Then we went home, have to go there off and on to recharge our busy bodies.


Kathy Tycho said...

I went to the shop to see the bees wax art last week but $600.US is a bit rich for me. Won't live long enough to get that much enjoyment out of it! Lovely though.

Carol and Bill said...

I know - was surprised at the prices. But a lot of work goes into them. They take about a week to do. We have several of the size he is working on - bought them years ago in Tepic They all have information on the back telling what they are about

Carol and Bill said...

We have a Huichol friend in San Blas and one year she beaded this parrot for us. We bought the plaster figure - it took her about a week here is the link to the blog about it