Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Different view of the Malecon

As I write this the temperature is 74, the humidity is 78. As they would say in Indiana a MUGGLY day. Sorry I missed yesterday but just didn't get around to doing the sorting of pictures for the blog. 
This goes back almost a week when we took a walk along the Malecon. 
You see so much more when walking then when whizzing by in a car. 
Lots and lots of new buildings going up. Some with interesting designs. Too bad they are so modern looking though. Looks like it is pretty close to done.
The upper right corner of the building. Makes my knees shiver to just look at the picture.
The skyline is changing a lot the last few years. More and more tall buildings.  The new date palms are slowly replacing the old palms. A lot of beach erosion going on. The pictures are kind of muted as it was really hazy and cloudy out.
Another new building and a building being torn down next door to it. 
New tree. Hope it lives. 
Had no idea this restaurant was under the walkway.
Not new, but I've always liked this building. in 2009 the balconies were painted different colors. Then they painted them all turquoise, now they are all red. Wish they'd go back to all different colors. 
Hum.. The sign says "Luxury Resort and Residences".  Now or years ago?
Interesting looking building. Guess there is a roof top lounge or pool? Used t be something under the walkway. 
A closer look at it. Lots of cell towers along this street. 

Bright white building. I wonder how much of it is occupied. 
Another couple of buildings under construction. Check out the back wall of the closer one. 
Weird, almost makes me dizzy to look at it. 
Front view.  One condo per floor?
Another different style. I hope those pillars are solid.
Looking down the beach. The building with a hole in it. Still really hazy out. 
The monument to the Venados Baseball team. 
Sorry, don't invite me out on your patio. 
He just pedaled by on the sidewalk. Maybe he though unicycles weren't allowed on the bicycle path. 
Never knew this was here either. 

This is a neat sculpture of the sea lions. 

Mama and her babies. 

Finally reached another puppet. Not interested in walking any further
And that was as far as we walked. By then the humidity was getting worse and the sun was shining through the haze. 
So we caught a Pulmonia and headed towards home. Lots of shops across from Valentinso
Heading somewhere with his guitar. 
We had the Pulmonia drop us off at Torres and had lunch. Tuna filet salad for me. 
And chicken Molcajete for Bill.
And we actually did walk from Torres to the RV park. About a block and a half and across the street. 
It has taken me two hours to do this blog. From choosing and resizing the pictures to write this last word. 


Dirk said...

Thank you for taking/ making the time to post / resize and chat about what you see I enjoy

Dirk said...

I enjoy your pictures and comments!

Doug and Nancy said...

Well, another lovely day in Mazatlan!! Still, we are missing seeing you guys, missing Las Jaibas and REALLY missing Bill's crepes. Just to make you feel better, it snowed here last week, about 10 inches. How delightful. All gone now due to the heavy rains. Now it's just super windy and about 40 degrees F. I do believe your weather is MUCH better. Oh yeah, missing that too. HUGS.....

Carol and Bill said...

La Antigua restaurant here has the most amazing crepes! We keep going back there. YUM Going to Copala today.

Carol and Bill said...

Hope you are having a good winter.

Kathy Tycho said...

A blog with pictures takes an enormous amount of time. I guess that's why I'm always behind. Thanks for the tour.

Carol and Bill said...

sometimes it feels like a real job.