Friday, January 17, 2020

The bakery in Malpica - a must visit

The other day we took a short day trip to Malpica and Concordia. This is just about Malpica and the bakery that is there. 
Malpica has about 250 homes with a population of around 650.
Their arch needs a little TLC. 
Down the cobblestone street. Lots of lush plants around. 
And the ever present colorful homes. 
Just noticed the reindeer on the roof. 
This one has a really pretty trim. 
The fronts of these two homes have been repainted.
And this is the reason we are here. The Panaderia Malpica. The wonderful bakery. This year the front of the building has been remodeled. It used to be green and didn't have any windows. These two windows were installed in the spring. As we get out of the car we can already smell the delicious breads and pastries. 
You walk through the door and you are in the Baker's living room. It too has been recently repainted. The actual bakery is right beyond the room's other door. When the bakery is open the chairs are moved to one side of the room. 
And this is the bakery. The baker's husband. In the lower right front is the huge mixer. Racks of baked goods on the back wall. The wood fired oven is to the left.
Fresh bread on a pan - just out of the oven. 

Croissants that are almost ready to go into the oven. 
A pastry that has creamed pineapple in it. Very good. 
Looking into the oven. There are seven big baker's pans in the oven waiting to finish baking. About three o'clock in the morning the wood is put around the edges of the oven and the fire is started. By about six the fire has burned down the oven is hot and the baking begins. The only day she doesn't bake is Saturday. 
Her husband removes the baked good from the oven. He has a long pole with a flat shovel on the end. He uses it to move the pans around and to take them out and put them in. About three years ago he had both of his knees replaced. Before that he was always with canes. Now he moves like a young man. 
The girl takes the pans from the shovel and puts them into the racks. 

Leaving the bakery. Since we've been going there the family has added a beautiful dining room, kitchen and laundry room to the back of the home. 
Looking up the street towards the main highway 
Looking the other way towards the plaza. 
The side of the community building.
There is a small but interesting museum in here. The front of the building. Hard to see the mural now with the palms in front of it. A year or so ago we watched the man painting it. 
The gazebo and small church. 
Just parts of the building.
The back ground is great.
Both murals depict the history of the area. 
As usual we bought bags of fresh pastries. Some to eat some to bring home and share. We will be going back there in a week or so and will visit with the tile maker and get more pastries. The tile maker is now making smaller round tiles instead of the larger floor tiles he used to make. One of the new tiles. All hand made. 
 I'm going to get one like this when we come back!
More about visit to Concordia next. Plan on returning to Malpica next week will focus on tile maker. [friends will be in town so we'll be running around a lot.]
We went to see the car again today - looking good!
Got the car back yesterday   Before
 After. New graphics, new windshield and new parts under front end.  No more grinding noise when going over bumps or cobblestones. 
Off to another adventure. 

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