Monday, January 13, 2020

Hard to take pictures in El Quelite

Cookies in WalMart - one to suit every mood.

It is hard to take "new" pictures here in El Quelite we've been here so many times. 

But back to our activities the last couple of days. We took another trip to El Quelite for breakfast. Some have asked how far away it is - not far. Twenty five miles to the north east. But Google is being optimistic about how long it takes to get there. Takes us a little longer cause we love to watch the scenery on the way. {This is from the RV park.}
A pickup truck loaded with corn stopping in a little village to sell this wares. 
Construction continues on the road to El Quelite. Looks like they are going to take away one of the sharp curves. A lot of the work is done. But some place it is only one lane - and not marked, just a surprise. 
The arch has been repainted, looks great. 
As many times as we've been here I don't remember this building. Maybe it was behind a bunch of bushes. Looks like the ground in front of it has been recently cleared off. Estacionamiento means Parking. for what. The sign on the other side says the land is available. Also a little sign that says Agave Museum...
I think one of these has been painted recently. LOVE THE COLORS.
Yes we drove down this street. I always hold my breath that one of the horses doesn't kick the car. 
In the restaurant Meson De Los Laureanos - again - Bill feeds the chickens so they tend to hang out around our table. 
Out in the wash next to the restaurant. Used to be full of turkeys, ducks, goats and burros. Now it is a play ground for children. He is new, haven't seen him before. 
Vendors here now and play equipment for children. 
Just a pretty decorated wall. 
There is a room for events behind that door. A small water fall. 
The burros are now kept at the other end of the wash. 
Taking a bucket of water to another part of the area. 
Bill joking with the lady who makes and sells the very sweet candy. 
Yes, John the house you and Bill helped build is still standing.
 Look at that fern. It is the size of a small car. 
 Does she look old enough to be driving this? 
Since we were here we've been to Malpica, Concordia, the laundry ladies. Back to the Plazuela Machado and  out to Cerritos to shop. Now we are waiting for the painter to pick up the Jeep. He will have him for four days. NO THE HOOD IS NOT GETTING PAINTED. Just the body and new graphics. And a new windshield. So even though we'll be home, I still have lots to write about. An have more and different stuff from El Quelite!


Jackie McGuinness said...

Just read your comment to John, He had a good laugh.

Dirk said...

Always love your pictures and narrative. Thank you.

Carol and Bill said...

We check it everytime we go there.

Carol and Bill said...

Glad you enjoy them. Makes me feel good to know.