Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Day Before the Rains

OH YES! - The sun is out this morning. It started raining Tuesday early afternoon and didn't let up until sometime last night. So today we have errands. The town is still full of tourist from the surrounding states where it has been snowing. And they probably won't be able to go home today because the main road between here and the mountains is closed due to snow. Traffic the last week has been horrid with so many extra cars on the road. Hotels were at 100% occupancy for the last week. I feel bad for everyone who came to visit the beaches and outdoor restaurants. Not only raining but quite cool for here. 
On Monday we wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine while we could so we took a ride out to the lookout point near the harbor entrance. 
 A nice clear warm day.
The city was sparkling. So many new tall buildings. The "feel" of Mazatlan is changing. No longer a small slow moving town. Catering now to the younger crowd. More dazzle and noise.
Work continues on the area around the tram to the observatory. Lots of new landscaping. 

This is funny. We were coming down a street when we saw this colorful home.  Bill slowed down so I could get a picture of it.  Then he noticed a sign on the wall. 
Did not get a good picture of it but it loosely says, "This house used to be white. My friends told me I should paint it with colors. So I told them they could paint it. They did."
Stopped in Centro to have breakfast and walk around a bit. Never noticed these reindeer wreaths on the gazebo before.
Just a couple of the tops of two old buildings. So much more interesting then anything built now. We stopped at the bakery near them and bought cinnamon rolls - they used to be the best ever. But something has changed. Didn't even finish one - more cakie then rollie now and hardly any glaze! I wondered why they had so many left when we got there about noon. They were usually sold out by 10 o'clock. I know things don't stay the same but. 

Yesterday managed to watch most of the Rose Parade before the Internet took a nap. And last night our friend Roberto, his wife and son came by to visit. 
It will feel good to be out and about today, even if only to the grocery store and to pick up the laundry.

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