Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Something different in El Quelite

While in El Quelite we did a couple of different things. One was to visit the cheese factory. They make the cheese that is served in the restaurants there.
From the restaurant we walked to the cheese making facility. Bill talking to one of the workers.
Heading into the building. An improvement they have added a step to the entrance. Used to be a real high step.
Not too much going on that day, just four tubs of cheese in the making. There are chunks of ice in the curds to keep them cold.
They go through 1500 liters of milk a day to make the cheese. After the first process of heating the whole cow’s milk to near boiling they add an acidifying agent then stir until the curds form.
The whey pouring out and going into a container. 
The mold the cheese goes into. These are put in a big walk in refrigerator. 
I've done several posts about this place, you can search for them using the Search Bar. 
From there we stopped at the hotel that has been built in the last couple of years. The exterior. It is also a shop that sells clothing, trinkets and beautiful things made of wood. 
The front outside wall. 
A manikin that looks real from a distance. Some of the clothing for sale.  
Through the shop to the back patio area. These are the hotel rooms.Four or five downstairs and two upstairs. Then a lounge area on top. 
A hand made wooden bench in front of one of the rooms. They also sell some antique items here too. 
Going up stairs to look at the rooms up there. 
The upper wall from the stairs. 
The hand carved wood door leading into one of the rooms. It looks much better then it photographed. 
This room rents for around US $70 a night. Queen bed, kitchen area with table and chairs and appliances, sitting area with TV. Beautiful wood work all around. Colored glass in the windows. 
Another look at the door. 
Tile wall in the bathroom. 
Wish this had turned out better - kind of fuzzy. The sink is onyx The vanity is wood. Also has a shower. 
A closer look at the kitchen area. Microwave and sink and small refrig [not in picture] Cabinets all hand made - again using the beautiful wood. 
One of the windows. 
These are the circular stairs leading up to the top lounge area. I got about four steps up and couldn't go any further. Just something about tight spaces and open stairs. 

This was taken from the second floor. looking across the street. I didn't realize this building was without a roof. From street level it looks fine. 
Back on ground level looking up at the rooms upstairs. 
Notice the middle column on the lounge area, Spiral bricks. 
The doors to the rooms downstairs. They do not have kitchens. 

Wish they weren't partly shadowed. 

A Catrina sitting on a bench outside. 
Some interesting items for sale. Like the colorful mirror. 
And then we headed home. Hope you enjoyed a different sight of El Quelite. 

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