Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Sunday night in the Plazuela Machado.

Well I'm getting behind again - it is Wednesday and I'm still writing about Sunday. To finish off our evening Sunday. 
Walking back to the Plazuela we passed this little light post. It was like a snow globe. The snow kept falling on the Santa and street light in it. 
Another nice simple decoration we passed. 
Back in the plaza we were walking around checking out the vendors. At least I was walking. Bill and Mark walked a little then stopped to talk a lot. Can't they walk and talk at the same time? Good thing I keep looking back for them. 
Pretty bows, scarfs and ribbons.
One vendor sells the neatest dolls made from corn husks and laced and ribbon. I've looked at them for years always saying, "I'm going to get one of them." But never doing it. Sunday night I stopped to look at them - made the same remark and Bill said, "Which one do you want?" I pointed at this one. It is now mine. She's about 15" tall. I love the bow in her hair and her shawl. 
Lots of jewelry and other accessories. 
Painted hats. 
Magnets, earrings, bottle openers etc. 
Jewelry, frames etc. 
Feather accessories. They go around your ear. Look great on girls/women with long hair. 
Lots and lots of little toys.
Lots of stuff. key chains, pens, jewelry.
On Sunday night Raphael plays there. At first we were not going to stop but half way back to the car we turned around and went back to listen to him. Remember we had already eaten RIBS at Fat Fish. To watch and listen to him we had to sit in a restaurant...Bill ordered a pizza so we weren't just taking up a table. 
We stayed for a little over an hour. Lots of people up and dancing to his music. 

Then on home. We had had a long day.
Monday I took a four hour nap, very unusual for me to nap. We stayed home the whole day. Yesterday, Tuesday, we were out about again.

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