Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Golden Zone and Centro Mazatlan

Tuesday morning we went into the Golden Zone to have breakfast at Lucky B's. And to watch all the tourist from the two cruise ships that were in. It is funny to see the taxis and pulmonias pull up right in front of the jewelry stores. The store clerks stand outside waiting for them. They even have a clipboard to write down the drivers name. So he can get a cut if his passengers buy something?
Couldn't help but stare at this very tall building under construction. Sorry to me it is an eyesore! It sticks way up above any other building. 
Way way up there on a scaffold. Glad it isn't me.  
 Before the tourists show up the vendors start coming. I wonder if all those hats get heavy or hot. Carrying some sun glasses too. 
 Scarves? blouses? tablecloths? Can't tell, but it is a big bag full. 
 After eating we walked around a bit. I just like this building. Years ago when the cruise ships were in there was a folkloric dance show in the courtyard behind it.  
Stopped to talk to the Huicholi lady again. This time she was beading jewelry. 
 Bill was talking to her husband. Some of their yarn work for sale inside. The big square one on the left costs US$600.00!
 The round one is the one she was making the last time we were here. Sure is pretty. All the figures, cat and skull are beaded. Individual beads placed in bees wax. Very time consuming.
Standing here so tourists - like me - could take pictures of him. 
 Time to get back on the bus for the rest of the City Tour. How those BIG buses can drive down that street amazes me. The drivers must have nerves of steel. It is close quarters for the Jeep.
 Wow the MAZATLAN sign with no one in front of it. And until I looked at this picture I never realized the cross walk across the bike path was painted. Sometimes I'm surprised on what shows up in a picture I've taken.
Heading into Centro. This is a wall around a school. 
I wish I had a zillion dollars - I would buy all the beautiful old buildings that are empty and restore them to their former glory. Wouldn't that be fun. Each year more of them are fixed and being used. 

Look at this one. Wow.
The house in now all pink. 
 Whoops, no it isn't completely painted. Still some yellow on the side still. 
 Every once in a while I mention the guys who wash the cars parked in the street. Several people have commented they'd not want their cars washed with dirty water. Well here are a couple of buckets of water waiting for a dirty car. The washer all have access to clean water as they need it. 
 The Plazuela Machado was getting set up for a Book Fair. Lots of different events will take place there for four days. 

Like these paper birds in the trees.  
 Most of the Christmas decorations are gone or almost gone. 
 A different piece of art outside one of the galleries.
 One of the new pieces of art in the Plazuela. 
 Live music for the lunch crowd.  
 Look under the window. See the flowers painted there behind the fence. 
 All his paintings are done using only his fingers. Pretty interesting to watch. 
 As I watched the painter, Bill was watching a couple dancing a tango out front of the Peralta Theater. Never know what you might find while out walking. 
 I posted a picture of this building in our night walk. The name is blue at night . 
A picture from last nights sunset -two in a row. 

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