Sunday, January 19, 2020

This , that, and something else from around Mazatlan.

$80 mi;ion for 40 seconds! People didn't even get seated and pick up their beer and it was over. That is obscene. NO. Didn't see it just read about it this a.m.  Why even bring it up? The other day while going to the painters shop I saw this painted on a wall and it reminded me of McGregor so snapped a picture of it. 
I think it looks like him. 
 Our little flowers are doing great in the ground. This is one plant with two different colors of flowers on it.  
And away from home. At La Martina restaurant again. Wanted to take the Jeep for a ride to make sure all the new parts were working correctly. They were - no more grinding or squeegeeing.  
This is one of the strange wrinkled cactus at the restaurant. It has a couple buds on it. Wonder if they flower?
 The mango trees are growing and the cactus fence is looking really good. 
 Love the stairs.The tiles are so colorful. 
 As we were walking out of the restaurant Bill said I should take a picture of Willie, the Jeep, sitting out front. I thought that was a strange request but he repeated it, "Take a picture of him." Okay - I reached into my purse to get the camera. IT WAS NOT THERE! I'd just used it so I turned around to head back to the table and Bill pulled it out of his pocket. I'd got up and left it on the table. I always put it away when done using it. But not this time. Shame on me. 
 We weren't in a hurry to get home so took a side trip. The main street in town is being - the one that goes past both grocery stores we go to is being improved - in other words all tore up! Was completely closed other day but now has both directions of traffic on one side. Putting in new sewer and water lines, Also a bike path and sidewalks. Will look nice when finished. Thank goodness there is a policeman regulating the flow of traffic. 
 The guy in the middle of the street is selling black garbage bags. 
 Bill was taking the Jeep back to the painters I finally figured out as we were going the wrong way on a one way street. Thank goodness it was a very short block. 
 Jamie, the painted jumped into the car and off we went to the place that would reapply the tinting to the new windshield. We pulled in and 10 minutes later we were heading somewhere else. 
 According to all the men. All the work done replacing things under the front end needed to be readjusted - tightened - ? - after putting a few miles on it. So around a corner to the mechanic's shop. Jamie told me don't get out they are putting the car on the ramp. I looked at the ramp and couldn't get out of the fast enough. So fast I forgot my camera. Luckily Mark had his phone to take a couple of pictures. "The ramp" was two pieces of metal extending half way out over a deep pit! See the stairs leading down to the pit. The inner edge of the driver's side tire is at the very EDGE of the ramp. 
See the guy down in the pit.  
 See how narrow the ramp is! I couldn't even stay and watch!  But all taken care of now. 
Back on the torn up dirt main street heading to the Malecon so I can see and hopefully take pictures of the Carnaval puppets.
 The man on the bike has a big coil of red rubber? plastic" pipe around his waist. 
 Traffic was heavy and we couldn't slow down, barely caught this one. Title is Peru. 
 Again barely caught him. No idea what country he represents. 
 Stopped in traffic - this building was painted two years ago. The weather takes it's toll on the paint quickly. 
 Will for sure get a better picture of this one as it is in the Plazuela Machado and we are going there tonight. 
 Heading back towards home. These are right downtown. A chicken and a butterfly or fairy. 
 Were topped at a light for this one. Guatemala
 Stopped at Torres to make reservations for dinner. All the iguanas were out sunning themselves. This one is really green. 
 Hiding under a rock by the pool slide. 
 The little girl had just given him some type of berry. it is in his mouth 

 A big one up a palm tree.
 And this beauty on the ground. Just posing for everyone taking pictures. 
And we went back to the restaurant Friday night for BBQ chicken. 

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