Monday, January 6, 2020

Mark is Here!

We had a BUSY day yesterday. Our friend Mark arrived from Canada Saturday evening. So we picked him up bright and early Sunday, yesterday, morning. Here he comes. He is staying in the condos almost directly across the street from us.
 We headed up the La Noria road. Stopped at La Martina for breakfast. Didn't take any pictures there - figured I'd posted enough of them already. After eating we decided to go on up to La Noria to check on the progress of the hotel/restaurant. The glass is now in the windows. The doors are so pretty. 
 Walked around the corner checking out the work on that side. It looks like this might be the restaurant under this roof. Just guessing. 
 Part of the same roof.
 Walking around to the back. Hotel rooms with balconies -I am just guessing.
 A closer look at one of the ceilings. Again love the wood.  
 I found another leather plaque on a building. Ana Osuna Estravillo was born in this building in July 1923. She went on to become the Queen of Carnaval of Mazatlan in 1949.
 This is the building. It is now houses a small grocery store and home. 
 Looking down the street at the rest of the building. 
 Looking across the street at the never open museum and the blue building which is the Civil Registry. Can get married there and register the birth of your baby there. And I'm sure many other legal things. Yesterday there was a bbq set up in the street. Going to cook chicken. Sundays there is a tiangus there - An open air market or bazaar. Lots of home made food, handmade crafts, music and fun.
 See the barely visible green Christmas tree about in the middle of the photo. The Plaza where the tiangus is held is there. 
 This pickup is driving up the road. Hope he doesn't make a sudden stop.
 More chicken being bbq'd up by the school. It really smells good cooking.
Bill buying corn tortillas from the tortilla maker. They were just made and very warm.  
 Just a coupled of nice homes we drove by. 
 Slowly making his way somewhere with his bag. 
 The man is wringing out a wet cloth.  His little store is in the doors behind him. 
 An umbrella to keep the hot sun off of her. Maybe heading towards the plaza, or maybe going to catch a bus to somewhere. 
 After leaving La Noria we stopped at WalMart for some groceries and so Mark could pick up a few things to tide him over until he does a big grocery shopping. 
Then back to the our respective homes for a couple of hours.
Of course we HAD to go to Fat Fish for RIBS for dinner. Always have to take a picture of them. Eat your hearts out - yum. 
 After we finished eating we took Mark for a ride across town - the traffic was still heavy. But tomorrow most of the tourists will drive back home as work and school starts the 8th. 
Have never seen this on the Malecon before. Reminds me of Vegas Blvd.
 Ever present entertainment in the road during red lights. 
 Driving along the beach. The sun is going down.
 Stopped at our favorite lookout point. I was more interested in the fisherman out on the rocks. Got to be a dangerous climb down the rocks to get there. 
 It was an unremarkable sunset.
 Work continues on the area around the tram to the observatory. Supposed to open end of this month. 
And then the day got really fun. But will leave that until tomorrow because I think we are just going to veg out today. 


Mark said...

Had a GREAT day today with you and Bill. Can't wait for my family to get here and we can explore Mazatlan and go to interesting places.

Carol and Bill said...

Glad you had fun

Doug and Nancy said...

You're killing me...

Carol and Bill said...


Kathy Tycho said...

Lucky guy with such good tour guides!

Carol and Bill said...

It is always fun to have a reason to go somewhere.

Doug and Nancy said...

...and counting!