Thursday, January 16, 2020

Sneak look at Jeep and we walked a ways on Malecon yesterday

And yet another beautiful sunset last night. I almost missed it - by the time I got outside with the camera it was always loosing its color.

So Yesterday - I could not keep Bill away from the Jeep. So got another Pulmonia to go visit it. Car in front of us. An arm was out the window holding the bicycle and bringing it along with the car.
 Don't know what that is he is selling. Standing in the center divider. Maybe peanuts.
 Spotted another different to me mural.
  And here we are at the paint shop. Just a sneak peak. Bill seems happy.
 Cell phone flashlight on the new paint.
 Back into the Pulmonia to head to the Malecon. This mural need some TLC.
 Yes he is on his cell phone. Three calls during our ride.
 He was peddling down the street.
On the Malecon heading towards Valentinos. Traffic at a standstill on the other side. Couple of big trucks. One is carrying a Carnaval statue.
 Strange looking. They are pretty colorful and big.
 Just a shot of Valentinos. It is now mostly an empty building. Used to have several discos in it. So we got out of the Pulmonia here and started walking south.
 Lots of beach erosion. Looking south towards the older Centro are of town.
A new palm tree to replace the ones that were planted last year and died. hopefully this one lives.
The bike path gets a lot of use. The paint is wearing off. Hope they keep it up. Looking north - can see Valentinos in the distance.
 Oh look! The statue we saw on the truck is being installed. Traffic is back up for a long way. Lots of horns blowing.
 The flowers are leaning on the palm tree. [Another new palm tree]
 The man on the wall on the right has one of the support wires. If you look close you can see some wires on the left of the statue - not attached to anything.
 See the one wire on the left leading off the picture
 He is attaching it to a stake, two more stakes waiting.

Another wire being attached to the light post. There is a guy up there on a ladder. Traffic tie up is back as far as we can see.
  Just a closeup of the cable from the crane.
 We kept on walking. I always wondered how the bicycles were rented. I guess without a phone that has the app you can't get one.
 This is the theme of Carnaval this year. "We are America. Passion, Happiness and Hope."
 Another traffic tie up and a new palm tree being installed. Of course had to stop and watch it. 
 Off the truck. 
 Guiding it to the hole in the sidewalk. 
Almost in the ground. More and more horns honking. 
We walked as far as this statue - I know they are called puppets - in Spanish Monigotes. Titled Brazilian Joy.
 The parrot is pretty. 
 By now I was tired of walking and the sun was getting hotter. So we hopped on another Pulmonia to take us home.  Oh! he is up. And traffic is moving again. 
We had the driver drop us off across the street at Torres and had a delicious lunch. I had tuna filet salad - very good, but too much. I over ate. 
 Bill had chicken Molcajate. - said it was one of the best he has had.
So today we wait to see what is going on with the car. Also getting a new windshield and the growling in the front end fixed. 


Dirk said...

I am so happy that I stumbled upon your site... I think i might have heard of you from a Tioga George reply. RIP George. I miss his daily activities and his humor ... man he was funny sometimes.... thank you for the happenings in your world!

Carol and Bill said...

I miss George too - he was quite a person. Glad he was our friend.