Saturday, December 12, 2020

Leaving El Quelite Part 2

Today is the Virgin of Guadalupe day. We usually go downtown to the Cathedral to see all the children dressed in period clothing going to church and getting their pictures taken. We are not going this year. Will really miss it. But here is a link to last year's blog with lots of pretty children if you want to check it out. It is a beautiful day, clear and not too hot. Wish we were going to the church. 
Continuing with our visit to El Quelite. Always a good meal.
Scrambled eggs and ham and a delicious gordita. 
I heard a rustling in the leaves of the tree above us. Checking to make sure there is no Iguana up there. 
My new look. Attempt at a selfie - need much more practice. You should have seen the first one.  
Finished our meal and leaving the restaurant. Don't remember seeing this before. 
One of the murals in the original part of the home. 
All the rocking chairs are gone. No where to sit and just enjoy the view any more. 
The very colorful front of a little store. 
Lots of vendors with all kinds of interesting things to look at and or buy. 
Still looking at the hats. Like this one. 
And this one. 
He looks like he is sleeping. 
Waiting for customers to ride them. The big doors are usually open leading right into the outside dining area. Now everyone has to go in the regular front door. 
Some of the benches are in need of TLC. A little too rustic. 
Usually there are children riding on the horses. This group was all adults. 
One of the very old homes - well over 130 years old. It is now a bed and breakfast. The colors of the homes and all the huge plants make for great photo ops. 
This is one plant, two colors on same stem. 
On the wall of a porch. The plant next to it was about four feet tall. 
More plants and colors. 

We usually go into the building on the right - it is where the town's cheese is made. Interesting to see. But things are different this year. 
I love this plant, no idea what it is. 
I find it interesting that the two side of the fence are different. Again love the colors. 
This house is a brilliant purple, but took the photo through the dirty window of the Jeep. 
Candy canes in front. This is what Bill calls a "Mother-in-law" paint job. Only the front which she see when she comes to visit is painted. Not the side. 
Hat seem to be the in thing this year. The boys don't look too interested in selling anything. More interested in their phone. 
Some pretty blouses, but now days a lot of them are made in India. 
This is a restaurant, but it didn't look open. Several different colors. 
This house it getting a touch up of yellow paint. 
Pots for sale. 
Just liked the wall and the plants. Some times it seems like my camera just acts on its own. 
Hum...Maybe they had a lot of half full cans of paints. Maybe they just wanted to be different. 
Mother and her sons, Wonder what was in the buckets. 
And we are leaving. Will for sure return many more times before we go home. Always memories to take with us. 
Pulling into the RV park we had to wait for this colorful lady to cross the road. She took her time. No I didn't know it was a she, was told that the greens ones are shes - the orange ones are hes. Really don't know. 

And if you are still with me on this long blog here is video of us getting in the car and driving through part of El Quelite as we leave. The cobble stone streets were repaired a few years ago, but weather seems to remove a lot of the rocks each year. 
Hope you enjoyed the trip. 

Click here to view full screen. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Enjoyed my ride along with you leaving El Quelite!

Kathy Tycho said...

Always enjoy your trips as we all live vicariously through you. Hopefully we'll have a vehicle here next year. So nice to get out and about.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - the road is getting a little rougher.
Kathy - thanks.

SandyM said...

Love the painted hats - hope you get one..